What To Do If You Have A Recalled Product

Consumer products and vehicles are sometimes recalled due to defects or safety concerns. Learn more about why products are recalled and what to do if you own or use a product that has been recalled.

Why Are Products Recalled?

All products undergo strict quality checks before they enter the market to ensure that they are of high quality and are free of defects. However, there are instances when some defects or flaws in the design of products are not discovered right away. When the manufacturer, regulators, or sometimes the consumers, discover a defect or a safety concern in a product, the said product will be recalled.

Product recall is the practice of removing a line or batch of products from the market due to a newly discovered defect or safety concern. Product recalls may be done voluntarily by the manufacturer or issued by the regulators, such as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Product recalls are implemented to protect the public from potential or further dangers caused by the defective product.

Product recalls may be caused by a design defect, or when there is an inherent flaw in the design of the product; a manufacturing defect, or when a product was not assembled correctly and, as a result, caused an accident; or the company’s failure to warn about how to safely operate a product and the consequences of not following the instructions.

How To Check If A Product Was Recalled?

There are various ways to check if a product is being recalled. One way is through the manufacturer itself. Most of the time, if a product is registered with the manufacturer, they will inform all owners of the recall. Another way to find out is by keeping tabs on announcements from the CPSC and the FDA.

It is advisable to stay updated on recalls on products that are more commonly recalled. The most commonly recalled products include food items, vehicles, medications, and children’s items.

What To Do If A Product You Own Or Use Is Recalled

It is common practice for manufacturers to issue guidance for consumers along with their announcement of a product recall. Depending on the issue, you may either receive a refund, receive a replacement product, or have the product repaired.

As soon as you learn about the product recall, the first thing you should do is verify if the item you own is indeed included in the recall. You may check by looking at your item’s model or, for vehicles, your vehicle identification number (VIN). After verifying that a product you own has been recalled, you should immediately stop using it to ensure that you do not get hurt.

What to Do If You Or Your Loved Ones Are Injured By A Recalled Product

If a recalled product or any product that has not been recalled caused an injury to you or any of your loved ones, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, you should also take immediate action.

• Document Everything

You should take pictures of the accident or injury, as well as prepare a written record of the incidents to help you remember what happened. These will help you when you file your case.

• Seek Medical Help

If suffered a serious injury, you should immediately seek medical help to address and mitigate the injury.

• Gather Evidence

Before you contact the manufacturer or the store, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg first. However, before you do so, you should prepare all the evidence. These include the documentation of the injury, proof of purchase, medical bills, any record of the pain and suffering you experienced, and so on.

• Speak With A Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you have everything in place, contact your St. Pete lawyer. We will be able to help you look into the product, figure out who is liable, and build a strong case. From there, we may file a complaint with the CPSC, after which they may investigate your case.

A personal injury lawyer will help you understand the subsequent proceedings and guide you toward the next best step that will bring you closer to the compensation you deserve..