What Should You Do After A Hit-And-Run?

It is truly unfortunate that there are negligent drivers out there who would try to escape the scene after an accident. When drivers leave without identifying themselves and neglecting those that they have insured after the accident, it is automatically considered a hit-and-run case, which is a serious crime with grave consequences especially if the accident resulted in fatality.

Being prepared and keeping yourself composed are two of the things that can help you to properly respond in the face of a hit-and-run case. In the event that this happens, whether to you, to anyone you know, or when you see it happen to someone else while out on the road, here are the things that you should do.

• Check For Any Injuries – Whether you are a victim or a concerned passerby, the first thing you should do is to check for injuries. Safety and survival should be your top of mind and checking the gravity of the injuries will help you determine your next course of action.

In the event that the victim has minor injuries and wounds, giving first-aid treatment would work. However, serious blood loss, dislocation, and other injuries that are equally worse would need immediate medical attention from experts.

• Call For Medical Help – Always remember that it is better to wait for a rescue team to attend to a victim than trying to take matters in your own hands. Trying to treat a seriously injured patient can bring more harm than good. Call the emergency hotline, provide the necessary details, and wait for the medical team to arrive.

• Remember The Run-Away Vehicle’s Details – In the haze of your panic, this might be the last thing you would think of when dealing with a hit-and-run. That is why a good presence of mind during these situations will help a lot. If you can, try to remember everything about the runaway car as much as possible, especially that car’s plate number. Other details are equally important too such as the vehicle’s color and model. These can help with the investigation and in trying to identify the identity of the hit-and-run suspect.

• Do Not Follow The Runaway Vehicle – Trying to come after a hit-and-run driver can cause you more injuries and are often fruitless efforts. You can make use of your time to contact authorities and medical assistance. Leave the investigation to the police and focus on your own safety and well-being.

• Contact An Auto Accident Lawyer – After everything is done, the next step is for you to contact an auto accident lawyer to help you with your insurance coverage and for filing a personal injury lawsuit against the hit-and-run driver. Professional guidance will also help you from getting rightful compensation from the suspect and from your insurance company.

Hit-and-run accidents are quite common in Florida and you will never know when it can happen. Asking for legal aid to deal with the damages after the accident will be helpful, especially on top of your recovery..