What Should I Do When An Animal Caused The Car Accident?

Florida is teeming with wildlife and every day you can find stories about animals getting involved in an interesting scenario. While these stories can be amusing and entertaining at times, there are cases when these animals can cause unfortunate situations like car accidents.

Animals are one of the common reasons behind many auto accidents in Florida. If this happens to you, what should you do and who will cover the damages?

Who Wil Pay For The Damages Caused By The Wild Animal?

Unlike other car accidents where the at-fault party would pay for damages, wild animals do not have owners and caretakers. This means that no one is responsible for them and their behavior. Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance can cover your injuries, but other damages like dents on your car and vehicle repairs can be taken care of by your collision or comprehensive car insurance if you have one.

It is important to look into these insurance types and see which applies. After all, there are many things and situations that can happen when a wild animal suddenly disrupts your driving. Chances are you hit the animal, or you hit other people or objects after swerving in an attempt to avoid hitting the animal. Depending on the aftermath, check on your insurance and see what fits the bill.

Collision VS Comprehensive Car Insurance

From the name itself, collision car insurance covers damages caused by a collision. If your car bumps against other vehicles and objects like lampposts and buildings, you can call your collision insurance provider for help. However, if you are hit by a wild animal that suddenly crossed the street, this will fall under your comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive insurance covers other damages that you did not incur from a collision like cases of theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and accidentally hitting a wild animal.

It is important to distinguish which damages are covered by your collision and comprehensive insurance, which can be tricky. To properly determine which insurance coverage would best help you with your situation, get advice from a personal injury attorney so you can decide on the best course of action.

What If The Animal That Caused The Accident Has An Owner?

When other people’s pets are the reason behind a car accident, then the pet owner is considered liable and may be asked to pay for damages. Pet owners are ultimately responsible for their pets, so when a domesticated cat, dog, or other pet animal causes harm to other citizens, the victims can file a personal injury lawsuit against the pet owner. If this happens to you, get in touch with a personal injury attorney so they can help you win your claim.

Car accidents involving animals are very common in Florida, especially in a community where pet lovers and animal sanctuaries thrive. To give yourself peace of mind and security, have a trusted personal injury attorney that you can consult with if an unfortunate accident happens.