What Should I Do If I Am A Victim Of a Hit And Run Accident?

It happens all over the country every day. You are involved in an auto collision and driver who hit you takes off. You can’t believe this is happening to you, but here you are injured, perhaps severely, and with a damaged car. With the other driver gone, you have no idea how all of these damages will be paid. Luckily, there are some things you can do.

What Steps Do I Need To Take After A Hit And Run Accident?

Should the unthinkable happen and you get hit and the driver takes off, you need to know what to do to protect yourself. Here are the most important steps to take after a hit and run accident:

Check For Injuries: The most important thing is that you determine if you or your passengers require medical help. If you or your fellow passengers have been hurt, dial 911 right away. If your accidents aren’t severe, it’s important to see a doctor no matter what. Many car accident injuries don’t show symptoms until days, weeks, and even months after the accident. A full physical will help protect your health following an accident.

Keep A Record Of The Events: If at all possible try to note as much as possible about the fleeing driver including:

● Time and location of the accident
● Make, model, license and color of the car
● Description of the driver and which direction they were headed
● If possible, get all contact information of potential witnesses who saw the accident
● Photos of the scene, damages and around the street or parking lot

Whatever you do, do not follow the fleeing driver. In Florida, you may also get in trouble for leaving the scene of an accident.

Contact The Police: It is important that you contact the police and give them as much information you were able to collect for the official report. This way they can hopefully find the driver that hit you. No matter if you were at fault for the accident, if the other driver leaves the scene, they are automatically considered at fault by the insurance companies and courts.

Contact Your Insurance Company: Call your insurance company and tell them what happened. Even though the other driver has left, you may still be able to get compensation for your uninsured motorist coverage. So make sure when you contact them you also ask about those benefits.

Contact An Attorney: It is important that you work with an attorney after hit and run accidents. Insurance companies will use a hit and run as a reason to give you the runaround. They may claim that you made up the accident to get an easy payout. They’ll try to push you into settling for less than what you are owed based on the fact that the other driver is gone. An attorney will protect you from these shady tactics.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For A Hit And Run Accident

An attorney will not only protect you from the insurance companies, but they will fight to get you fair compensation for your damages. Your uninsured motorist insurance may not cover your injuries or damages. What happens if you are temporarily or permanently disabled? Sadly, in most cases of hit and run, the driver is never found. If they are, they will face some form of criminal charges that will complicate getting a fair settlement. There is a lot an auto accident attorney will do to help protect you, including:

● An attorney will complete all the necessary paperwork within the deadlines, as well as, handle all communication with the insurance company
● They will seek all damages, including ones you are unaware of such as lost wages or transportation to and from the physician
● If the other driver is caught, an attorney will help you sue for punitive damages
● An attorney will negotiate a good settlement that will cover all your costs

Auto accident attorneys also put the insurance company on notice that your rights are protected and not to try any of their dirty tricks with you.

In the 30 years of protecting St. Petersburg auto accident victims, Michael Babboni has taken on many hit and run accident cases. He knows all the laws and is familiar with every trick the insurance companies will try to pull to get out of paying. He will fight for you to ensure that you get a fair settlement. You have already been victimized by the other driver, an attorney will protect you from being victimized by your insurance company. Call 727-381-9200 today for a free consultation to learn more..