What Not To Do After An Accident

There are quite a few things you are probably feeling after your accident and there are several things you should avoid too. One of the most important things to do after an accident is to collect the evidence in order to make a solid claim with your insurance provider so you can receive the financial compensation you need to recover after an accident.

In order for you to have the best chance at a proper settlement, here are just a few things to avoid.


If you exaggerate or minimize your injuries to your lawyer, doctor, or insurance company, you could hurt your chances for financial compensation. Exaggerating your injuries is going to make you seem untrustworthy and your case may be thrown out entirely. Minimizing your injuries could mean that you don’t get the financial compensation you need to recover. Even if you feel like there was more or less damage done after your accident, it is always best to trust what your medical professional tells you regarding your injuries.


No matter whether it’s from your lawyer, your doctor, or your insurance company, it is never a good idea to hide information regardless of your case. As much as you may try, the information will come out eventually. In the end, all it accomplishes is that you will lose trust and your chances to receive financial compensation. When you are laying out your case, you better make sure to release every honest detail.


The medical treatment that is involved with recovery can be unpleasant for some injuries. The physical therapy can be rather inconvenient and the medications can present some unpleasant side effects. However, it is crucial that you listen to your medical professionals and accept their treatment recommendations. Not continuing with treatment can prevent you from fully recovering from your injuries. That aside, stopping medical treatment can hurt your ability to receive the financial compensation you need to recover properly.


As much as you may want to talk about your lawsuit with your doctor or other professionals involved with the case, this is not recommended. Unless you have received your lawyer’s permission to do so or have them with you at the time. Additionally, you should never sign documents without your lawyer present either. In a few accident cases, insurance providers or negligent parties may ask you to sign documents in relation to the case, but this should never be done unless your lawyer has reviewed it and ensured its legal safety.

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