What Kind Of Car Accident Injuries Are Covered By Insurance?

One of the most common questions we are asked is what types of injuries are covered by insurance when you are in a car accident. Insurance covers all injuries caused by the accident, no matter the severity. In order to get coverage for these injuries though, you have to prove that they were a result of the accident. To do that you need a good accident attorney to collect evidence and make a fair claim to the insurance companies.

The Most Common Types Of Car Accident Injuries

Every crash is different and there is a range of injuries that can occur, however here are some of the most common injuries that occur:

Head Injuries: Head injuries are the most serious injuries sustained during car accidents. In accidents, it is common that the force of impact causes the driver and passengers’ head to slam against the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or front seats. The force of this impact can lead to traumatic brain injuries.

Back Injuries: Another common injury in car accidents are back injuries. Depending on the angle of the impact, it can compress, bruise, or misalign the spinal column. Back injuries range from slipped and herniated discs to full paralysis.

Neck Injuries: Accidents can also cause neck injuries including whiplash. Whiplash is when the force of impact causes the neck to strain or stretch and damage the soft tissues and spine. Whiplash is a very serious injury that can have long term consequences.

Chest Injuries: Chest injuries can be caused in two ways. The first is by trauma impacting the chest area through impact or trauma. This can cause broken ribs, collapsed lungs, or internal bleeding. The second is the stress of the accident can trigger cardiac arrest in people with heart conditions.

Extremity Injuries: Finally, car accidents can cause injuries to the extremities like the arms, hands, legs, and feet. These injuries can range from soft tissue damage just as torn ligaments to broken bones to even scratches and bruising.

Proving Causation Of A Car Accident Injury

All of the above injuries are covered by insurance. However, in order for the insurance company to cover the costs of medical care for these injuries, you have to prove “causation.” Causation is the legal term for the link between the car accident and your injuries. The best way to prove this link is to get medical documentation of the injuries. That means as soon as you are injured, you need to see a physician. A medical doctor can show that the injuries were caused by the accident.

Why You Need An Accident Attorney

Even with proof of “causation”, insurance companies may refuse to pay for your injuries or they won’t pay the full and fair amount. Insurance companies will look for any way to get out of paying for injuries, even if they are legitimate. In order to fight back, you need the help of a knowledgeable accident injury attorney. A good attorney will help you collect the evidence you need from your medical providers to prove not only causation but the full extent of your injuries. Many injuries like traumatic brain injury, whiplash, and spinal cord injuries can cause long term health problems. So it is important that all of your medical expenses are covered now and in the future.

The St. Peter’s Attorney Michael Babboni can help. For over 27 years, he’s been representing car accident victims in Florida. He will prove causation and fight the insurance companies for a fair settlement. Contact him now for a free case review to learn more about getting your car accident injuries paid for by the insurance companies..