What Is A Road Hazard Accident?

When auto accidents happen, one driver is usually at fault because he or she made a mistake. Perhaps they were breaking traffic laws, speeding, or texting and driving. Then again, maybe the individual was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, falling asleep at the wheel, or something else, but you get the gist. Victims who get severely hurt can then turn around and file lawsuits against them. They can seek compensation for...

• Current And Future Lost Wages
• Medical Bills
• Property Damage
• Pain And Suffering
• And More

The person might not get rich because that's not what Florida's legal system is for. However, they will have the money they need to get better, recover, and replace belongings. That can be a big help. After all, have you seen how much it costs to see a doctor or buy a car today? If not, we will go with neither one is cheap. What if a negligent driver isn't to blame for an accident?

Sometimes, street flooding or animals cause crashes. There is not much that can be done from a legal standpoint when those issues arise. Why? Because they are considered "Acts of God" by insurers, that's why. Drivers might have rights to compensation for some road hazards, though. Common hazards include but are not limited to...

• Construction Signs, Materials, And Tools
• Road Drop-Offs And Missing Guardrails
• Potholes Or Uneven Street Expansion Joints
• Fallen Trees, Auto Parts, Or Cargo

Did A Road Hazard Cause Your Accident?

If a road hazard caused your accident, there are some things you will need to do to prove it. Firstly, contact the police immediately after the crash and file a report. Next, make the smartphone in your pocket useful. Snap some pictures of the road hazard or hazards for evidence. These images will also show the road conditions in case they come into play later on. For instance, was it raining, or was the street covered in ice?

Look for witnesses. With any luck, one or more of them will be present. It would be best if you asked them for their contact information. Officers should gather it, but just be sure to cross your Is and dot your Ts. Even if you don't think you are hurt, seek medical attention. There might be underlying issues that only a doctor or exam can spot. It is better to have problems documented sooner rather than later.

Once you are given a clean bill of health and are capable, it is time to contact your insurance company. File your claim and provide them with the evidence you collected. Now, you need to determine if negligence caused the road hazard. How on earth do you do that? Well, by hiring an accident attorney, that's how.

Road Hazard Accidents Are Complex

Florida's liability laws are not for the faint of heart. They are complicated, to say the very least, which is why victims should confer with lawyers. The professionals have the experience to navigate the legal system with ease. They also have investigators and teams behind them to get to the bottom of things. Now, the only question that remains is, "Where do you find such a person?"

The answer is closer to home than you might believe. The St. Pete Lawyer's office is located at 6446 Central Avenue. He has lived and practiced law in St. Petersburg for more than 27-years. Our attorney has recovered millions for accident victims and looks forward to trying to do the same for you. Don't get left holding the bag for damages and injuries when you did nothing wrong. Instead, give us a call and schedule your free consultation today..