What Happens When Other People Drove My Car And Got Into A Car Accident?

Car sharing between friends and family is no big deal, but what happens when they get into an auto accident while driving your car? Auto accidents are common in St. Pete and no matter the circumstances, you should know how settlements, cases, and insurance policies work. In this case, what does it mean for you when your car gets into an accident with another driver?

The Insurance Follows The Car

Before you can start debating on whose insurance policy should cover the accident, know that the insurance follows the vehicle or the car. This means that the car owner’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance will pay for the treatment of the injured person who was driving the car. Whether it’s your family member or just a friend, their treatment will be under your PIP coverage.

All vehicle owners in Florida are required to have a PIP. Family members are automatically covered by the PIP insurance of the car owners. When a person in the family is injured in an auto accident and does not have his or her own PIP, then they will be covered by another family member’s PIP insurance policy.

Borrowing A Car Without Permission From The Owner

There are exceptions to every rule and in this case, when a car is used without permission and later on gets into an accident, the car owner’s PIP will not cover the driver’s treatment. This is called non-permissive use and is often double-checked by insurance companies to make sure if someone is eligible for a claim or not.

What can be classified as non-permissive use is when the owner of the car was never informed and had absolutely no knowledge that their car was borrowed. When the driver gets involved in an auto accident, their own insurance policy and finances will cover the primary expenses. Still, if there are exceeding costs, your insurance will have to cover them.

There are also cases where car owners would actively and explicitly remove or not include a family member in their insurance policy. When an accident happens involving that excluded family member, your insurance policy will refuse to cover their expenses.

Stolen Cars And Other Vehicles

Non-permissive use may sound similar to stealing vehicles but it is a different matter altogether. Stolen vehicles that get into a car accident will not demand insurance coverage for the injured drivers and passengers. However, repairs for your damaged vehicle will be covered by your can insurance policy. You are also saved from covering the other involved party’s damages.

Be Careful With Who You Let To Drive Your Care

No matter how much you trust a friend or family, it is better to not allow them to borrow your car and drive it if they do not have a driver’s license. You will be held responsible for all damages when they get involved in a car accident and you might be paying more than you can afford. You are also held liable if you let someone who is under the influence of alcohol drive your car..