What Happens If I’ve Been Injured By Someone Driving A Rental Car?

In the state of Florida, if you have been injured in an auto accident, even one where the at fault driver is in a rental car, you would still have to contact your insurance company under Florida’s no fault insurance. Florida requires that all drivers carry PIP insurance with a $10,000 maximum payout. If your injuries are serious, that amount could be gone the first day. It is important you know what your options are.

Liability With Rental Car Companies

In most situations involving a vehicle from a rental car company, you cannot sue the rental car company. If the driver of the rental car is at fault, they are liable for the resulting damages. This is because the driver of the rental vehicle has accepted all responsibility for that vehicle. Yet, when insurance companies are involved, which carrier will pay out to the injured party is often difficult to determine without a thorough investigation and for that you need a good accident or personal injury lawyer.

Rental Car Insurance

Receiving compensation in accidents with rental cars can get tricky fast, so it is important you contact a good, experienced personal injury lawyer right away. There may be the at fault drivers personal insurance, they may have purchased insurance sold by the car rental agency, which is usually a minimal amount. In some cases if the rental vehicle is paid for with the at fault drivers credit card, most car companies offer some form of collision coverage. Unfortunately, collision only covers vehicle damage and not your medical bills. Another exception is that rare occurrence where the automobile is proven defective and subsequent investigation determines that the rental company knew about it and still allowed the vehicle to be rented.

When The Rental Company Can Be Liable

The majority of accidents in rental cars are determined by driver liability. However, there are some rare exceptions where the rental company may also be liable. One example is that if the accident was a direct result of or was made worse by a defect in the vehicle the company knew about but failed to fix, then the rental car company is also negligent. A rental car company can be considered liable if the company failed to verify driver information and rented the car to a driver whose license has been revoked or was not valid at the time the vehicle was rented.

You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

Even with accidents involving car rentals, the claims go through an insurance provider for the injured party to obtain compensation. This can also mean an increase in premiums for all the drivers not just the one who was at fault. So many things can go wrong. You can be denied from one company, lack of insurance on the part of the other driver, bad faith behavior and other issues. This is why it is imperative that you contact an experienced Florida accident injury attorney and let them determine if you have a case for pursuing compensation. You need to make sure you have someone who can fight the insurance companies to make sure that the responsible party is held accountable for their actions and your pain and suffering.

Filing for compensation if you have been injured in an accident and obtaining a successful outcome is difficult and without a good personal injury attorney almost impossible. When an insurance company is the target of the demand for compensation they will pull out all the stops to prove minimal negligence and to make sure the injured party gets the lowest amount and keep their shareholders happy. The St. Pete Lawyer Michael Babboni has been taking on the big insurance companies and winning since 1987. Call us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve..