What Causes Motorcycle Accidents In St. Petersburg?

It doesn't matter whether a person is a seasoned rider or a beginner, Florida is an excellent place for motorcycle enthusiasts of all walks of life. For one, the weather in and around St. Petersburg typically cooperates year-round. Therefore, providing that a tropical storm or hurricane isn't hitting the coast, it usually isn't a problem to hit the open road on two wheels.

And let's not forget about the scenery. Mother Nature has much to offer those riding along in the Sunshine State, including trees, wildlife, crystal-clear water, and more. Not to mention, there are plenty of human-made attractions to check out too. Things motorcyclists might wish to see while they're in or around St. Petersburg include:

  • Big Cat Rescue

  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge

  • Florida Aquarium

  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

  • Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Obviously, this list barely even begins to scratch the surface, but the point is that there is much for bikers and everyone else to do and see in Florida. However, before simply jumping on the back of a bike and taking off, it's important to remember that this mode of transportation can be dangerous. Now, let's switch gears and look at some common reasons why motorcycle accidents occur.

Objects In Streets And Road Conditions

No motorcyclist wants to get into an accident. Not only will that mess their bikes up, but the events could leave them severely injured as well. Injuries vary from one incident to the next but often include broken bones, burns, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, etc. But how do wrecks happen? Objects/animals in roadways are one reason why incidents occur.

If debris is in the street, a motorcyclist may lay his or her bike down trying to avoid it. Meanwhile, if a deer or squirrel jumps out in front of a rider, riders can collide with them or crash attempting to avoid them. Even something as simple as a pothole can cause a person grief.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions involving motorcycles are all too common in St. Petersburg. Can you even imagine? You're stopped with your foot on the ground at a red light when a car slams into the back of your bike, sending you flying through the air. Of course, a person doesn't necessarily have to be sitting still for a rear-end crash to occur. A vehicle following too closely could have the same result, as could poor road conditions, mechanical problems, and rider error.

Head-On Crashes

Drivers aren't always as aware of their surroundings as they should be these days. They sometimes get distracted by cell phones, changing radio stations, and passengers. When a person loses their composure and gets lost in the moment, head-on collisions with motorcycles occur.

And what about drowsy driving? People often get behind the wheel after failing to get a restful night's sleep. All it would take is a motorist to fall asleep and drift into another lane for a motorcyclist's life to be turned upside-down forever. Lastly, drinking and driving is something else that can lead to a head-on crash with a motorcycle.

Should You Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

When someone's negligence causes a person harm, they might have the grounds to seek compensation for their damages. Sure, victims can attempt to go it alone. However, that isn't always the best tactic. After all, insurers have legal teams standing by to discredit claims. They take advantage of them at every twist and turn, hoping they'll settle for an unfair compensation amount.

On occasion, these professionals even try to make claims disappear altogether, meaning victims end up with nothing. So, to answer the question posed by this section, yes, you should hire an attorney following a crash with a negligent driver. The action can prove very beneficial in the long run. Contact the St. Pete Lawyer to schedule a consultation today.