What Can You Do If The Insurance Company Denies Your Accident Claim?

Keep this in mind: ultimately, insurance companies are not here to protect us. They are like all other businesses out there, so their key focus is on making a profit. Thus they will do everything they can to pay you less than what your claim is worth, and ideally, they will not pay a single cent.

So what happens if your legitimate claim has been denied by your insurance company? Do you have any legal recourse? Read on to get the answers.

Reasons Your Claim May Be Denied

Insurance companies will offer a lot of reasons why they have denied a claim. The most common ones are the following:

● The damages exceed your policy coverage.
● The other driver has not been paying their premiums on time.
● You are an excluded driver from the policy.
● They do not believe your injuries are related to the accident.
● They believe you were violating the law or driving dangerously.
● They believe the accident could have been avoided.
● They claim the accident wasn’t reported within a reasonable time frame.
● They believe you were driving under the influence.
● They believe the claim is fraudulent.
● There is a dispute over who is liable for the accident.
● Florida is a “no-fault” state.

Whether or not those reasons are legitimate is a different story. Oftentimes, insurance companies will deny legitimate claims knowing that they are supposed to pay in hopes that you’ll give up and find a way to pay for the damages yourself.

Steps To Take When Your Claim Has Been Denied

If an insurance company denies your claim, that doesn’t automatically mean they are correct. You have options to protect your legal right to fair compensation. Here’s what to do if your claim has been denied:

• Research why the insurance company has denied your claim, and review any evidence you have provided. With this information, you can begin to explore your options for recourse.

• Write a letter to your insurance company explaining why you believe the denial was in error. Include all the relevant information about your case. This will start the appeals process.

• You can file a bad faith claim against the insurance company. A bad faith claim is done if you believe the company denied your claim for illegitimate reasons.

• File a lawsuit against the other party for the damages. If, for example, they denied your claim because the other driver’s insurance coverage has lapsed, you can still pursue the individual personally to pay for the damages they caused.

In all of these scenarios, you really want to work with an attorney. The laws surrounding accident injury claims are complex, especially once an insurance company has denied the claim.

Why You Need An Attorney

When your claim is denied by the insurance company, it’s a tough lesson. It shows that insurance companies will do whatever it takes to get out of paying for a fair claim. Attorneys know all about those tricks and know exactly what to do to stop them. They understand the law, your rights, and the process to get a fair settlement after an accident. Having an attorney review your case will help you understand what you can do to get fair compensation.

The St. Pete Lawyer, Michael Babboni, can help. He is known by insurance companies for winning denied claims, so they are much more likely to play fairly when he’s the one working your case.

Don’t let the insurance companies get away with denying your legitimate claim. Instead, give us a call at 1-727-381-9200. We offer a free case review, and we’ll help you explore your legal options. With Michael Babboni on your side, you can get the full compensation you deserve no matter what the insurance companies have up their sleeves..