What Can Cause Car Accidents In A St. Petersburg Residential Area?

It is a common misconception that neighborhoods rarely witness car accidents, if at all. However, the truth is that residential areas can be just as dangerous as public roads and highways. Cars and other vehicles get into an accident in these areas more often than anyone might think. But in such a quiet and peaceful place, what could cause auto accidents?

• Complacent Drivers - It is natural to feel safe and comfortable when you are just driving around your neighborhood and near your home. Without the traffic and other vehicles to think about, drivers can get very complacent when they are in residential areas. They are less alert and less mindful about their surroundings, thinking nothing could get in the way of their driving.

This mindset is what causes car accidents. Drivers would speed up on the streets and ignore road signs, assuming they would not bump into someone else. They could also forego using their signal lights and fail to check any incoming vehicles or pedestrians when opening their doors.

• Loose Pets - Many pet owners feel comfortable letting their pets wander around their yard and near vicinity. Others even refuse to leash their pets, arguing that they are well-trained. However, pets can be unpredictable and if something caught their attention, they could react and chase after that object. Sudden movements like this cause them to run on the streets even if there is an incoming vehicle. The driver could suddenly swerve in an attempt to avoid the animal, leading to an accident that could have harmed anyone and destroyed someone’s property.

• Playing Children - Just like pets, children also have unpredictable movements, especially those who are still very young. Besides their behavior, children’s toys and playing activities could also cause an accident. Sports games like baseball and frisbee involve throwing and running long distances that have children running in the middle of the street. Forgotten toys on the road are also potential hazards that are hard to notice.

• Pedestrians - People love to jog, walk, and hang out around a peaceful neighborhood. However, pedestrians and bikers could be hard to notice, especially if they are also not mindful of their own surroundings. Texting while walking is just as dangerous as distracted driving. The lack of awareness would eventually lead to a car accident in the neighborhood.

• Narrow Streets - Compared to highways, residential areas have narrower streets. This is one of the reasons why street signs should not be overlooked. The limited space is not friendly to reckless drivers as there is less room for trying to avoid other vehicles, pedestrians, and anything on the road.

Roads and streets can only be safe if drivers would also try to observe traffic rules and avoid driving recklessly. Still, accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Having an auto accident lawyer could help you deal with unpredictable road mishaps wherever they may happen.