What Are The Risks Of Riding A Motorcycle In Florida?

There is a high number of motorcycle accidents everywhere you go, especially in Florida. It can be fun, adventurous, and refreshing to drive a motorcycle, but unlike other cars, motorcycles come with more risks on the road.

Of course, you can do various preventive measures to make sure you enjoy a safe motorcycle ride. For starters, knowing the risks of driving one can help you identify your do’s and don’t.

4 Common Risks Of Riding A Motorcycle

Less Visibility On The Road - Motorcycles are often in another vehicle’s blind spot, especially when the cars or trucks are very large in size. The rear and side mirrors barely help in spotting motorcycles when they’re behind you or keeping up beside you on the road. For motorcycle riders, the best thing to do is to try your best to be seen. You can create noise by honking, turning on your lights, or wearing bright motorcycle gear.

Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles is also helpful so when they suddenly make a turn or hit the brakes, you have enough time and space to adjust to avoid colliding against them.

Driving In Perilous Weather - Motorcycle drivers are completely exposed to the elements. When there’s a heavy downpour, harsh winds, or snow, the force and temperature these weathers bring can affect your driving and balance. You do not have windows or a roof to keep you safe. If the weather is not good, it may be good to reschedule or wait for the skies to clear up before hitting the road.

Driving Without Enough Training - Driving a motorcycle is very different from driving a car. Many would assume that it is simpler and easier to ride a motorcycle because it is smaller, but the lack of training can actually lead you to your demise

Untrained motorcycle drivers tend to Overspeed and lose control of it when stopping or doing a turn. Failure to control the vehicle makes drivers lose their balance or collide with other cars and road infrastructure. Properly estimating other vehicles’ distances and speeds can also be learned from enough motorcycle riding training. Without enough experience, it is challenging to get along with other cars on the busy Florida highways.

Road Hazards - Motorcycles are also vulnerable to many road hazards like potholes, deep excavations, barriers, and other road problems. While many might think that it is easier to control a smaller vehicle, it is also just as quick and easy to lose your balance and fall when encountering an especially deep and muddy pothole. Your tires can also get snatched by cracks on the road or other protruding elements on an old highway.

Reckless Drivers - Unfortunately, many other vehicle drivers can bypass or underestimate motorcycles by speeding past them or cutting them on the lane just because they are smaller. This can result in serious collisions and is the reason why many motorcycle accidents involve another car. Again, being aware of other cars and keeping your distance can keep you safe.