Useful Info About Car Accidents And Compensation

Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. One example is that of drunk driving. A person could throwback multiple alcoholic beverages during a night out on the town. Then, he or she might make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of their car instead of requesting an Uber or Lyft driver. Should they take such action, their judgment and reactions could become impacted. Swerving in and out of traffic lanes, continually hitting the brakes, and failing to adhere to laws are all signs of drunk driving.

The impaired party could cause a rear-end, head-on, or T-bone collision. None of those things are okay as they put the lives of other people on the roadways in danger. Many times, when a person gets into an accident after drinking, he or she does not sustain injuries. Another problem that modern society faces is distracted driving. There are lots of things that can serve as distractions. For instance, passengers can be playing around and lead to the driver losing focus.

The motorist may not like the song that is on the radio and start surfing through channels too. That means his or her mind is on something other than driving, and a crash could occur. Eating lunch while on the run can equal trouble as well. After all, attempting to hold a cup between one's legs, a burger in one hand, and the steering wheel in the other is quite challenging. Perhaps, the biggest distractions are smartphones, though.

Drivers check texts and take calls while they are operating motor vehicles like the tasks are no big deal. Heck, some folks even play games while traveling in cars. Do you remember the Pokemon Go craze a few years back? Yet, these activities are not harmless, as they can lead to wrecks.

When Cars Collide, Injuries Tend To Enter The Picture

Vehicle occupants that are involved in a car crash often end up with severe injuries. The wounds vary from one incident to the next. However, some of the more common and notable issues include...

• Deep Gashes, Lacerations, And Punctures
• Burns
• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Partial/Full Paralysis

Everybody knows that paying for doctors, hospital stays, and medications can seem nearly impossible in the U.S. today. The costs are out of control, but what is a car crash victim supposed to do? They need medical care to recover. Still, though, if somebody else was at fault in the accident, why should the victim have to be responsible for covering charges? To make a long story short, they shouldn't be held liable.

How An Auto Accident Lawyer Can Be Of Assistance

Insurance companies don't like to play fair, even if there is no doubt that their client was 100-percent at fault. Insurers have one primary goal, which is to pay out the smallest amount of compensation possible. They offer low-ball settlements from the get-go, hoping that the injured party will accept it. In many cases, they do because they do not know any better or have top-notch legal representation by their side.

The establishments also attempt to delay the process and bring the entire ordeal to a screeching halt. Why? Well, by doing so, the representatives assume that the victim will run out of money and be forced to accept minimal compensation. Our auto accident lawyer has helped many St. Petersburg residents over the years, and he will be more than happy to do the same for you. Not only does he have the experience to build a strong case that will leave the insurance agents shaking in their boots, but he also has a stellar reputation in the legal industry. Thus, on many occasions, cases are settled for fair amounts without our clients ever having to step foot in a court of law..