Understanding Spinal Injury Claims After Your St. Petersburg Car Accident

Our spinal column is one of the most important parts of our anatomy. It’s the pathway our brain uses to communicate with the rest of our bodies. It’s the central pillar of our skeletal system and is responsible for our mobility. Thus, when your spine is injured, it can be truly devastating. It’s even worse since most damage to the spine has little or very painful medical options for treatment. In most cases, you will have to do years of physical therapy, take prescription pills, and even have to use mobility aids like a while chair or a cane to get around. With such devastation, you must understand your rights after a spinal injury from a St. Petersburg accident.

What Are Common Spinal Injuries From Auto Accidents?

There are common spinal injuries from car accidents. These are usually a result of jostling and jerking from the impact that causes alignment issues. Although sometimes, a spinal injury can be a result of a direct blow to the spine. Here are some of the most common spinal injuries from auto accidents:

● Whiplash
● Herniated disc
● Spinal fracture
● Spondylolisthesis
● Spinal stenosis
● Facet joint injuries
● Discogenic pain
● Degenerative spinal disorders
● Other spinal cord damage

All of these injuries can impact your mobility, making it hard to do your normal activities. These are all also very painful injuries that can last years with some being permanent conditions.

What To Do If Your Spine Has Been Injured In An Accident

If you believe your spine has been injured in an accident, you need to see a physician right away. Typically, you should always seek medical attention immediately following an accident. This connects the injuries to the accident. However, as spinal injuries can take a long time to develop symptoms, sometimes people don’t even know they have them for months after an accident. The important thing is you receive medical attention. Once you have a diagnosis, you will want to speak with an attorney.

Compensation For Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are very expensive. They have many direct costs including the cost of medical care, driving to and from medical appointments, and all the physical therapy, chiropractic care, and prescription medicine you need. They are called compensatory damages and are usually easy to calculate. Spinal injuries also have indirect costs. They can impact your ability to work your normal job. They can prevent you from enjoying your hobbies. They can interfere with relationships and how much you enjoy life. These are called general damages or non-compensatory damages. These are harder to calculate because they have no tangible cost. However, the state of Florida does allow accident victims to pursue compensation for non-compensatory damages.

How An Accident Attorney Can Help

An accident attorney is your best advocate after an accident. They will help determine the full cost of the accident including both compensatory and non-compensatory damages. They will factor in things that you may not have considered. Once they have determined the value of your claim, they will fight the insurance companies to ensure you get full and fair compensation. They’ll handle everything so that you can focus on healing your spinal injuries.