Truck Accidents Can Be The Worst Accidents

Vehicular accidents are just a fact of life throughout the USA, and the state of Florida is no exception. There can be any number of factors that contribute to a collision between vehicles, or between property, or individuals occur. When these impacts occur, the damage can be anything from a scratch on a paint job, to serious injuries, or even death.

But there’s one type of vehicular accident where the odds are very much in favor of the driver, and that is accidents involving a truck. In these scenarios, the truck driver almost always “wins,” and there are very simple reasons for that.

The Unavoidability Of Physics

In terms of sheer property, vehicular and especially human damage, a truck accident has tendency to inflict the greatest amount of damage. But not for the truck or the truck driver. The chief factor behind the severity of accidents involving a truck is attributable to one physical factor; mass. A truck that is hauling freight, for example, is bigger, heavier and denser than any other vehicle on the road. It takes an enormous amount of power to get something of that size to travel at high speed, in order to make deliveries on time. Similarly, it takes a lot power and/or mass in order to slow or stop a truck from moving once it has achieved cruising speed.

The end result is that when the math and physics of a collision with a truck are calculated, the truck almost always “wins.” A head on collision between a motorcyclist and a Mac truck, for example, will usually end with the truck not being stopped, and the motorcycle itself wrapping around the front of the truck and deformed beyond repair. As far what happens to a much more delicate human, whether that person is in a car, or on a motorcycle makes little difference to the truck; the injuries are going to be severe.

Cargo Concerns

Another issue with truck-related accidents is that sometimes, an impact with the truck itself isn’t even the issue that causes damage. The cargo can also play a role. A truck carrying a fleet of cars, or fuel like petroleum, or even just house hold products like televisions or computers can cause a lot of damage and obstruct the road if that cargo is detached. In the case of liquid cargo such as fuel, if that cargo is flammable, than any impact to the tank carrying the fuel may cause a fire or explosion that can affect the landscape in the immediate vicinity.

This is why in some ways, trucking accidents are a special class of vehicular accident that may require the services of an auto accident lawyer. Vehicular accidents carry their own recurring types of injuries, aftermaths and legal consequences. It’s important, if you get involved in a trucking accident to have an advocate that understands the nuances of how to move forward legally. With truck accidents, it’s often not as simple as you taking the other driver to court, and an auto accident lawyer knows this..