Top 9 Worst Driving Habits

We all have bad habits, but some of us are more guilty of them than others. Here are the top 9 worst driving habits that could be putting you in danger.

Using Your Cell Phone While Driving

Sadly, this has become increasingly common among most drivers out there nowadays. Whether you are using your cell phone to talk, text, or even to take a 'selfie', this is a dangerous habit to have. As tempting it can be when that ring-tone goes off, you must resist the urge when your behind the wheel.


Let's be honest, we all do this every once in a while. However, that does not make it okay! Driving above the speed limit is one of the biggest reasons why car accidents happen and it often leads to many of the other problematic habits on this list. So please, avoid the temptation and just keep to the speed limit.


Tailgating is often frustrating for both parties involved. The front driver is annoyed because the person behind them won't get off their bumper and the driver in back is annoyed that the other person isn't going any faster. So why create this kind of tension? After all, tailgating can often lead to car accidents and even to intentional vindictive actions such as brake checking. Even if your annoyed by another driver's slow driving, make sure to keep a safe distance between you and the other car.

Not Using Turn Signals

If you don't tell others where you are going, how can you expect them to know? Turning or changing lanes without signaling throws other off and could even put you in harm's way. What is even worse is when drivers slow down to turn without using their blinker because it catches the other drivers off guard and could cause you to get rear-ended.

Cutting Off Other Cars

If you're in a hurry, you often wish the roads were clear to allow you to speed right through with ease. Sadly, this is rarely the case. This may encourage you to weave between lanes with little regard for others, but that is downright dangerous. You run the risk of being hit from behind or may end up slamming into another car. Whatever you do, do not put yourself in this kind of situation!

Merging Improperly

How many times have you been on a freeway and found yourself behind someone who obviously didn't understand how to merge? They allow car after car to speed by past them, thinking they are being polite, but really they are holding up the flow of traffic.

By the same token, there are drivers who do not know how to be patient. By racing in front of a line of cars getting on the freeway, when you know that the lane merges, your holding up cars that need to get in. Though this is often accepted behavior, it is a terrible habit and you should avoid doing so.

Not Checking Blind Spots

Blind spots are called blind for a reason. These are the areas that are not only challenging or impossible to see, but they are even more dangerous to ignore. Drivers who fail to check their blind spots have a tendency to start moving over into other lanes and nearly collide with the other vehicles. If your lucky, you'll only annoy the other drivers. However, this can easily cause a serious accident. Always be sure to check the appropriate mirror before you switch lanes to ensure that the coast is clear.

Ignoring Traffic Signs

Do you zoom by stop signs or fail to yield when it's required? Those signs are there for a reason and even if there is no one around, you need to obey them. You never know whether a car or pedestrian might come out of nowhere. So as annoying as it might be, please be safe and listen to the signs.

Accelerating Through Yellow Lights

Though you might be excited to race through a yellow light rather than having to wait, you often don't quite make it and hold up other drivers during their green light. Not only are you irritating the other drivers, but it can also lead to major collisions. Some lights are longer than others and you may not have the time you think you do. So when you see a yellow light, do the responsible thing and slow down if you have the room to stop..