Top 5 iPhone Apps For Lawyers And Law Students

In this day and age, the internet and our smartphones rule everything. Several companies have designed apps that work with your smartphone or your tablet and make planning out a case as a lawyer or a law student much easier. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 apps that you should have in your toolbox.

1. Black’s Law Dictionary - This app has compiled a listing of over 43,000 legal terms. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up in your new app. This is great for students and old pros alike because you never know when you will need to look something up.
2. Law Stack - When you can’t hit the paper stacks, this app has a ton of great resources for you. It covers just about every topic you can imagine and has data for all your cases. It’s like carrying around a library right in your pocket.
3. Law In A Flash - This app helps you out with your specific area of interest. It is a virtual flashcard system, filled with things you can use in your own cases. The app allows you to make notes on the cards and then bookmark them so that you can easily find them again when you need them.
4. Court Days - This app is the digital equivalent of the old paper wheel method. It is much cleaner and easier to use, and it fits in your pocket wherever you go. You can calculate deadlines, figure out how many days are in between court dates, and enter in your own court holidays. Keep everything straight and never get mixed up again on your dates.
5. iPunch Clock - This handy little app is like your own appointment setter right on your mobile device. It helps you keep track of appointments, meetings, court dates, and even the little day-to-day activities. A must have in a busy world.

Add these apps to your toolbox, and you’ll have a great new way to keep yourself organized. Learn to use them as a student and you’ll be ready to go when you hit the workforce. Or start using them in your office today and get everyone synced with each other across the team. Contact The St. Pete Lawyer today for all your personal injury needs. Our team has the experience and the organization to take on your case and help you get your life back together..