Tips To Keep You Safe This Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is fast approaching. Although it is Mexico's Independence Day, many people across the United States, including some right here in St. Petersburg, will be celebrating the occasion. It is sure to be a joyous affair, but if folks aren't careful, things could turn ugly in a hurry. Accidents come in many shapes and sizes, but the ones being focused on here today are those involving cars.

So, if you're all about partying and having an excellent time this Cinco De Mayo but want to be safe while doing so, you've come to the right place. These tips may be just what the doctor ordered to prevent an auto accident from wreaking havoc on your life this upcoming May the 5th.

Avoid Drinking And Driving

It is usually not a good idea to drink and drive. Sure, if you're under the limit, you can legally operate a motor vehicle, but bad things could still come from doing so. However, when a person is above the legal alcohol limit for a location, they have no business behind the wheel because that could cause an accident. When wrecks happen because of people driving under the influence, property damage is often part of the picture. Not only that, but so are injuries like:

• Fractures and broken bones
• Sprains, tears, lacerations
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Paralysis
• Lost limbs

Of course, those injured in these events are sometimes the lucky ones, even if it doesn't appear that way at first glance. That's because people regularly lose their lives in drunk driving events. So, it is fine if you want to get your drink on this Cinco De Mayo, but please, do so responsibly. If you get buzzed, call a friend, Uber, or taxi to get home and stay safe.

Stay Off Your Phone While Walking

It has probably been drilled into your head since you were little not to text and drive. However, did you know it can also be dangerous to read and send text messages when walking? It's true. For example, let's say that a person's attention is entirely committed to their phone screen. That normally might not be too big a deal, but in this instance, it is. The individual doesn't see realize where they are at, stepping out into a road and not even at a crosswalk.

Unfortunately, the driver coming down the road sees the person, but much too late. They swerve to miss the individual, but the car still strikes them. The pedestrian hits their head on a nearby curb and dies instantly. That story took a bit of a dark turn, but it had to in order to get the point across. It is important not to get distracted while driving, but it is equally as vital to avoid distractions when walking if possible.

Perform A Vehicle Safety Check

An accident can also occur if something happens to a person's car while they're out and about. For instance, if a tire picks up a screw or piece of metal, it could lose air. Tires that aren't inflated properly are often the culprits behind accidents. Or what if a tire is balding?

It's tread is long gone, and it barely grips the road. That's another issue that could lead to a crash. However, vehicle safety checks can sometimes catch problems like these and keep your ride handling perfectly. So, the next time you're filling up or at another time of your choosing, give your machine a safety check and ensure that everything looks good.

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