Tips To Help You Avoid Accidents This Winter

Drivers in Florida don't typically have to worry about driving on snow-covered roads during the wintertime unless they head out of town. Of course, ice isn't always a problem here either, but it can be from time to time. The roads in The Sunshine State can become slick due to rain, though. Regardless of whether you're staying home this winter or traveling elsewhere, we want you to stay safe. So, take these tips to heart, use them, and hopefully, you'll be able to avoid accidents. 

Plan Your Trip

If you're going to an area you aren't familiar with, only relying on your phone's GPS could be a mistake. After all, how many times have you listened to it telling you what to do then miss an exit or turn? Probably too many times to count, right? So, do yourself a favor and plug in the address on Google to look over the route beforehand. Or, if you want to go old-school, break out an actual map. Then, you can look things over, get an idea of where you're going, and maybe, just maybe, not swerve across three lanes of traffic trying to make an exit and side-swipe a car.

Check The Weather

It doesn't matter if you're going to be riding around in Florida, Georgia, Idaho, or somewhere else in between; you should always check what's happening with the weather in the wintertime. The last thing any motorist needs is to encounter some conditions they weren't prepared for. That could lead to them getting stuck in a ditch, spinning out in the middle of a highway, or sliding into another vehicle because they didn't outfit their car with the correct tires. Doing something as simple as checking the weather could help you avoid headaches in the long run, so don't head out on trips before looking or listening to the news. Heck, for that matter, you can even use a weather app on your smartphone.

Obey Posted Speed Limits And Slow Down When Necessary

The way most people drive, you would think speed limits are suggestions instead of laws. For example, it isn't uncommon for some motorists to get passed like they're sitting still on highways in St. Petersburg and other places. However, the ones that are getting passed usually aren't doing anything wrong. Rather, they are typically obeying the speed limit. And if you want to avoid collisions this winter, that's something you might want to consider doing as well. Not only that, but you probably need to slow down even further as necessary, like when streets are wet or icy. Making minor adjustments to the way you drive can prevent crashes.

Examine Headlamp And Taillamp Bulbs

When the clocks fall back, it gets dark outside awfully early. For instance, by about five or six o'clock in the afternoon, it can feel like it's midnight. The point is that night comes earlier, and if most of your driving will take place after dark, you need headlights that function and work correctly. They'll cut through the darkness so that you can see obstacles in front of you. Meanwhile, your vehicle's taillights need to be in tip-top shape so that others can spot your ride without any problems too. So, examine the bulbs around your car and replace weak or blown ones as needed. That may be all you have to do to avoid an accident this winter.

If another driver's negligence causes a crash that leaves you seriously hurt in St. Petersburg, you may have the grounds to seek compensation. Thus, if that happens and you want to see if you have a personal injury claim, don't hesitate to contact the St. Pete Lawyer. The initial consultation is free, and he'll be more than happy to discuss the matter with you.