Tips To Help St. Petersburg Drivers Steer Clear Of Crashes

Teen drivers say they are the safest on the roadways. Meanwhile, experienced motorists who have been driving for years believe that title should belong to them. It really doesn't matter which category you fall under. Nor does it particularly matter which stance you believe. The point is that all drivers can stand to become safer motor vehicle operators. That's why you and every other St. Petersburg motorist should pay close attention to these tips.

Hopefully, they'll help you, your passengers, your vehicle, and everyone else around the roadways remain safely out of harm's way. So, what are you waiting for? If your interest is piqued, stick around and read on to learn more. One or more of the following pieces of advice could prove to be perfect for helping you steer clear of crashes.

Don't Send That Text

You've probably heard that it's dangerous to text and drive. Yet, if you're like all sorts of other people, you likely open your phone from time to time, if even for a brief moment, to read or write a text. However, that is something you should never do. According to research, distracted drivers caused a total of 3,000 deaths across the United States in 2019. Meanwhile, approximately 400,000 individuals are seriously hurt in accidents with motorists that have their minds pre-occupied elsewhere each year.

Therefore, put your phone on the airplane or do not disturb mode to ensure it doesn't pose a distraction. Then again, you can even turn the device off entirely if you wish. Just make it a point not to text and drive, as that may help you avoid becoming an accident statistic.

Should You Eat While Driving?

There aren't necessarily any laws against eating and driving, but it's pretty easy to see how foods and beverages can pose distractions. For instance, what if your soft drink spills on your lap? That's sure to leave you dancing around in the seat, trying not to let the liquid get all over your dairy air. Then, during all the commotion, bam, you jerk the steering wheel, slamming into the side of a car next to you.

In addition, your fries could spill on the floorboard, and, not thinking; you reach down to try and clean them up. Of course, when you bend down, you cannot see over the dash. That means you could easily hit a car in the rear or strike a pedestrian while your eyes are off the road. So, you don't have to, but it might not be a bad idea to stop and eat your lunch. It could definately be safer, and you'll find the rest and relaxation enjoyable.

Avoid Drinking And Driving

After going over the legal alcohol limit, getting behind the wheel is never okay. However, many people drink and drive. They shouldn't, not with taxis, Ubers, and other ways to get home, but they do.

Then, the drivers swerve, apply the brakes hard, speed, and do other things which cause crashes. Of course, inebriated motorists don't always get hurt in accidents because their bodies are nice and loose. Unfortunately, the victims they strike aren't usually quite so lucky, though. Some individuals sustain injuries in these events, while others are killed.

The Last Word

These tips are to help people avoid auto accidents. However, if a negligent driver wrecks your car, leaving you seriously hurt, you might be entitled to fair compensation. Would you like to find out? Contact our firm and schedule a free consultation with the St. Pete Lawyer if that's the case. He is ready to hear what you have to say and discuss your options.