Tips For Better Road Safety While Riding Your Motorcycle

The summer season is peak season for motorcyclists in St. Petersburg, Florida and there’s no feeling quite like the freedom of hitting the open road on your bike. However, the state of Florida will see hundreds of fatal motorcycle accidents on our roads each year, with the majority involving at least 1 other vehicle. While drivers are urged to “share the road” and look out for motorcyclists, this unfortunately doesn’t always happen like it should. A few tips can help motorcyclists to protect themselves and keep safe while on the road, and these tips include:

• Allow yourself to be seen – One of the key factors that motorists cite when they’re involved in an accident with a motorcyclist is that they did not see the motorcyclist before the accident occurred. Wearing bright clothing, a bright helmet, or otherwise allowing yourself to be more easily seen can save you from being involved in a vehicle-related collision.

• Wear proper gloves – Wearing gloves is smart to protect your hands, but you have to make sure they’re the right gloves. Your gloves should not be too loose or too tight and they shouldn’t be too thick that you cannot effectively and confidently manage your controls.

• Give yourself an escape route – A fender bender between two cars rarely leads to serious injury, but this is not the case when it comes to a vehicle and a motorcycle. When you’re stopped at a stop sign or traffic light, make sure to leave yourself an escape route just in case a vehicle behind you doesn’t appear to be slowing down. An escape route gives you a way to move out of the way if necessary.

• Invest in a full-face helmet – A full-face helmet does help to better protect you in the event of a fall or a collision, but it does more than that. While you’re riding on the road you don’t want to be blinded by debris flying up from the road or anything hitting you in the face. This can distract or injure you, making you more likely to find yourself in a crash. Full-face helmets provide protection for your eyes while you’re riding.

• Check the weather once and then check it again – Riding in the rain can lead to very precarious situations for motorcyclists. Before hopping on your bike for a ride stop to check the weather once and check it again before you head out. If the skies are clear and likelihood for rain is low, have a safe and enjoyable ride. If there is rain in the forecast, think honestly about your comfort level and make sure to only take on as much as you can confidently handle.

• Remember to always drive on the defense – There is no such thing as being too cautious while you’re out riding on your bike. While assertive driving strategies may work in a vehicle from time to time, it’s always best to stick to defensive driving while you’re on a motorcycle. Defensive driving means taking no risks, being extra-cautious, and assuming vehicles cannot see you and therefore driving accordingly..