These Camper Vans Have An Issue

After the pandemic started, many people invested in RVs, which was brilliant. They can still travel and take in the sights while keeping themselves and their families safe. However, large recreational vehicles aren't suitable for everyone. Thus, some consumers turned to small camper vans for the same reasons.

The vehicles let them go places while keeping their distance from others. Plus, the units provide owners with some of the luxuries of home. The quarters are tighter than RVs, but they are still great for vacationing, camping, traveling, and more. We aren't here today to try and talk folks into buying camper vans, though. Nope, our objective is to discuss an issue that particular 2022 models from Thor Motor Coach, or TMC for short, may have.

Let's Hash Out The Details

Consumer Affairs reports that there are only 53 Rizes, Scopes, Sequences, and Tellaros vehicles that may have the issue we are about to talk about, but that is 53 too many in our book. These vans came equipped with solar panels and Flex-190 Solar Panel junction boxes. Those boxes are the potential problems. It has been brought to TMC's attention that these devices can overheat.

But, they don't simply get too hot and stop working. No, when these junction boxes overheat, they increase the risk of fire. If flames erupt, those enjoying the camper vans could sustain first, second, third, or higher degree burns. Minor wounds can usually be treated with antibiotic ointments, but when more significant burns enter the picture, treatments often include surgeries, skin grafts, and splints.

The other problem with flames erupting is that occupants could get trapped and not escape the vehicles. In those scenarios, the individuals might die from smoke inhalation or various injuries. We know these items paint unpleasant images in your mind, but they could actually go down in real life, especially if there's a defective product involved.

Some Of The Financial Challenges People Can Face After Accidents

Severe burns and numerous other injuries tend to prevent people from working. When that happens, they can't earn livings and must burn through their savings to pay bills or rely on others for support. However, aside from lost wages, there will also be medical bills for the services the injured receive. So how are folks supposed to pay them when they're barely getting by as it is?

Spouses, children, blood relatives, parents, and adopted siblings who rely on a person for support can also experience financial challenges after wrongful deaths occur. First up, someone has to pay for the funeral, and that can run between seven and twelve thousand dollars these days. Additionally, if the person who died received medical attention before they passed away, those expenses can fall to family members. Not to mention, there could be plenty of debt collectors calling to try to get what they're owed too.

Should You Contact An Attorney

Sellers and manufacturers are responsible for the harm their products cause. Therefore, if you currently have injuries because of a camper van we discussed or another defective product, you might be entitled to fair compensation. As for those who lose loved ones to such things, a wrongful death lawyer can help them seek restitution for their loss too. So if either of those statements pertains to you, yes, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a personal injury or wrongful death attorney.

Now, the only question that remains is, "Who should you call?" Michael Babboni, The St. Pete Lawyer, that's who. Our firm provides free consultations, so you won't have to break open the piggy bank to see where your claim stands. Also, you'll probably love this, clients with personal injury lawsuits only owe fees when they win, so please, don't hesitate to contact us..