The Risk Of TBI After A Slip And Fall Accident

Sadly, slip and fall accidents are relatively common and TBI isn’t rare either. When the two combine, they create a frustrating situation for everyone involved. A slip and fall accident can easily cause a person to lose their balance and accidentally hit their head. That blunt force trauma can cause traumatic brain injuries even at the most serious of levels. While a slip and fall typically causes a more mild form of traumatic brain injury such as a mild concussion, even a fall that doesn’t seem serious can cause serious and possibly permanent damage on the brain.

The Complicated Nature Of Brain Injuries

Due to the complicated nature of traumatic brain injuries, is can be quite tricky to understand the full effects of your injuries. It’s not like suffering a broken bone or a bruised muscle. An injury to the brain can get worse as time goes by which can result in new symptoms developing later on or changes in the way a person thinks or acts altogether. During a slip and fall, even a fall that seems minor still may result in years of recovery.

Slips, Falls, And Traumatic Brain Injury

In many cases, slip and fall accidents are high contributors to brain injuries. This is particularly true for children or the elderly. However, young adults can also find themselves suffering from a traumatic brain injury due to a slip and fall, so there is no particular demographic that this reality doesn’t affect. Really all it takes to find yourself with a traumatic brain injury after a slip and fall, is just an accidental bump of the head.

The type of recovery or recovery time of traumatic brain injury can vary quite a bit from person to person. Depending on the injury suffered, and the exact level of a traumatic brain injury determined by a doctor, a person may only need a few days of bed rest or be permanently disabled for the rest of their lives. The severity of the brain injury is dependent on how hard the hit was, what portion of the brain was injured, and how the brain was moved within the skull during impact.

In many cases of traumatic brain injury from a slip and fall accident, the fall could cause a person to lose their ability to work and require continued medical intervention for the rest of their lives in order to ensure the best recovery possible. It may be hard for you to imagine a slip and fall causing a lifelong disability due to traumatic brain injury, however this is much more common than you think.

The Importance Of Having A Lawyer On Your Side

We understand how difficult it can be to get the financial compensation you need to recover after a slip and fall accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury. You may find yourself battling the insurance company that covers the property you slipped on and they will often find them will a skilled attorney on their side. That is why you need a lawyer to help you even out the playing field.

You shouldn’t have to go in to debt trying to pay for the medical attention and treatment you need after your accident. That is why the St. Petersburg is dedicated to getting you the financial compensation you need to help so that you can focus on your recovery. Contact us today for a free case review!.