The Importance of Witnesses During a Claim or Lawsuit

Personal injury cases are unfortunately extremely commonplace in today’s society and are largely due to the incompetence and neglect of another person. If you are involved in any kind of accident, it is important that you take the proper steps following the incident and gather the right information that you will need to later prove this negligence regarding your personal injury claim.

What is Considered Personal Injury?

Personal injury is typically the result of an accident or other type of incident that happened due to the carelessness or neglect of another person. It is important to note that a personal injury claim only applies to physical injuries sustained, as the name implies. It does not include any damage done to a person’s property such as a vehicle becoming damaged due to a car accident.

Gather Your Evidence

The most critical time for a personal injury claim is the days immediately following the accident or incident. It is within this timeframe that you should be gathering important information that pertains to your claim including any physical evidence you have along with documentation for all of your injuries.

Physical evidence is important for any personal injury claim and carries a lot more weight than just a written or verbal description of what happened. Having this physical evidence in your possession is also useful for proving the extent of your injuries.


After a car accident, for example, having photographs of all the vehicles involved are good to have because they can show what happened in more detail. Make sure that when you take the photos, you are getting photographs of the vehicles and the scene involved from several different angles. Taking a video is also a good idea.

You should also take note of any street signs or lights that may be broken or missing; especially if they may have contributed to the accident. Also, take note of the road and weather conditions a well and be sure you can timestamp the photos to prove that they were taken on the day of the accident.

Evidence of Injuries

After photographing the scene, you should also take pictures of all your injuries including any bruising that may exist or scrapes and lacerations. Adequate medical records are also a vital component that is used to determine if you have grounds for a personal injury claim as well.

Importance of Witnesses

Finally, witnesses also play a significant role in any personal injury claim as well. A witness will have seen the events as they unfolded and will be able to recount what happened and what may have led to the accident in the first place. They will be able to back up what you are saying happened which can then strengthen your case.

Having witnesses and the right evidence is critical to receiving fair compensation for your personal injury claim. If you are unsure of what you need to do or need help acquiring the documentation you need, you can contact an experienced personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg to help answer all your questions.