The Effects Of Alcohol To Drunk Drivers In A DUI Accident

Driving while drunk is not as cool as many others make it out to be. Failing to understand what alcohol does to a person is why many drivers still insist on drinking even if they still have to drive home. Underestimating the effects of alcohol has dire consequences especially to motorists on the road.

The consistently high number of driving under the influence (DUI) or drunk driving is alarming. To help you, your friends and your loved ones make the right decisions, here are the different effects of alcohol on people and why it can affect your driving in the worst ways.

• Slower Reflexes And Reaction Time - The reason why many people love alcohol is that it can make you feel relaxed and carefree. While this can be enjoyable in other circumstances, this effect is very dangerous when you are out on the road.

Slow reaction time will prevent you from avoiding other vehicles, road blockages, and responding to road signs and street lights. When this happens, you can bump into other cars and establishments like poles and road barriers.

• Blurred And Swirling Vision - Another effect of alcohol is dizziness, and when you are dizzy, you cannot see straight. It can cause your vision to blur or make it seem like everything around you is constantly moving. When you are dizzy, you also tend to lose your balance and wrongly estimate and identify your environment. Imagine when this happens to you while you are driving!

• Falling Asleep - Feeling drowsy and falling asleep on the wheel is one thing, but falling asleep while drunk driving is another and it could be much worse. Losing consciousness means you are also losing complete control over your vehicle, and this can lead to car crashes against other people, objects, properties, or driving into bodies of water.

You may not feel this effect at first, but when you are out and away from the party, and the rush of adrenaline has faded, you can fall asleep in an instant and you won’t be able to stop it.

• Miscalculations And Poor Decision-Making - You can easily get confused when all those other effects mentioned before happen to you. Dizziness, drowsiness, and poor vision can make you confused and push you to make really poor and wrong decisions. It can also make you impulsive, losing the ability to think twice before doing something.

Poor decisions include violating traffic signs and even getting involved in fights with other drivers and police officers. Of course, this is another recipe for disaster and car accidents.

You lose control of yourself when you are drunk, and when you drive while under the influence of alcohol, you are sure to lose a whole lot more. Drunk driving is no joke. It can inflict serious injuries and even claim lives.

It is also important to be vigilant while driving because there may be other drunk drivers out there too. While you are in top condition to drive, you cannot be so sure with other motorists who might’ve come from a party and are now driving while drunk. If you need any help or assistance, call a car accident lawyer.