The Damage Defective Household Products Can Cause

When there are defective household products, serious injuries can occur, such as cuts, bruises, broken bones, chemical exposure, and burn injuries, just to name a few. When this happens, the manufacturers of these defective household products may be liable. It is their responsibility to ensure that the products they are providing consumers are safe for consumer use.

Florida Products Liability Law

When you are injured due to a defective household product, the cause of this kind of injury may fall under the category of product liability law. This is the liability that exists throughout the chain of manufacturing of the product. This chain extends from the designer of the product, the manufacturer, the assembly, wholesaler, and then the retail store that sells the products.

However, in a products liability case, only the owner of the defective products or the person the product was loaned to can sue for the injuries. This is known as a product liability action in Florida. It is a civil action that is based on strict liability like when the product is truly defective. The injuries sustained should have also been through the normal use of the product as well.

Products in the Household that Can Cause Injury

So, now you may be wondering what products can potentially prove to be defective in the home. Injuries caused by defective household products can include baby cribs, power tools, electronics, and kitchen equipment. When it comes to these defects, it is typically due to the design or something going wrong during the manufacturing process.

For example, a baby crib isn't supposed to fall apart in the middle of the night, so if this happens, the blame can most likely be placed on a defect with the design or manufacturing. The same can apply to faulty components in electronics, such as the defective batteries we have heard so much about in recent news.

What Defense Exists for a Products Liability Action?

However, there are a few defenses that exist for these types of claims. For example, if there had been any modifications made to the products, then you assume the risk of your own actions. Manufacturers warn against modifying and making changes to their products because they may not continue to work as intended.

The same defense exists if you were to use the product in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer, and the unintended use of that product resulted in injury.

Suing for Defective Household Products

If you have been injured by a defective household product that you were using correctly and did not make any modifications too, then you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries.

Since product liability actions can be challenging to navigate for many because of the extended product chain, it is in your best interest to consult with a professional and experienced attorney about your case.

They will ask how long you have had the product, how you have been using the product, how it was used, where it was purchased, and how you sustained injuries as a result of the product.

It is best to contact the personal injury attorney about the defective products as soon as possible following the injury because there is a statute of limitations and warranties in place on many products, so you may not have much time.

Have you been injured by a defective product in your household and have questions on how to start the claims process? Then contact the professionals today for justice and the chance at the compensation you rightfully deserve..