The Complications Of A Trucking Accident

Every day, countless accidents happen on Florida roads. While the majority of these accidents are thankfully minor and lead to nothing more than bruises and a few hassles, others have much more risk and far more hazardous outcomes associated with them. And among all accidents, trucking accidents are the most dangerous and the hardest to move on after – physically as well as financially.

Bigger Vehicles, Bigger Dangers

At the heart of why trucking accidents are so problematic is one thing – size. The larger mass and size of a commercial truck means that when they are involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle, it can cause far more damage to the passenger vehicle and the motorists in the car.

This means that the risk of more serious physical damage is higher, that the potential injuries that occur could be far more serious, and that the likelihood of permanent disability or death are far higher as well. And that more serious nature can bring far more serious problems with it.

Your Recovery

Any kind of accident can lead to major injuries. But when it comes to trucking accidents, the injuries can be far more serious. Common injuries caused by trucking accidents include things like:

• Broken Bones
• Lacerations
• Burns
• Head trauma
• Spinal injuries
• Lost limbs
• Paralysis
• Death

Each of these injuries can be incredibly life changing, impacting the lives of not only those who are injured but their families as well. As such, it’s important to make sure that you are able to focus on your physical recovery in every way possible – and often, it’s harder to do that because you end up having to make a financial recovery as well as a physical one.

Medical bills, lost wages due to missing work, losing future promotions, and more are all major financial issues that will occur to those who are hurt in an accident of any kind. And when it’s a trucking accident, those injuries can be even more serious than other accidents.

The Problem With Trucking Companies

Getting financial help after an accident is difficult – insurance companies and their lawyers will often do all that they can to stop you from getting what you’re owed. This is even worse when a truck is involved. The reason? Because trucking companies will often take steps to protect themselves, even if it means hurting the ‘little guy’.

Trucking companies have large pools of money and resources. They’ll use this to avoid paying out money in insurance settlements. When an accident occurs involving trucks, it’s possible that the trucking company themselves could be held liable. And this means that they could face thousands of dollars in costs – which in turn means that they will fight to avoid payouts.

Getting Help When You Need It

Standing up to the insurance companies and the legal teams on the other side can be a huge challenge, one that is often far beyond the capabilities of the average person. As such, enlisting help from others is important. A personal injury attorney can stand up to the other side and get you the help that you need.

Our team has decades of experience in fighting the powerful and getting our clients the compensation that they need to move on after an accident – just having us on your side is enough to get the respect of the trucking companies and make sure you get what you deserve. Contact us today to get your initial consultation..