How Will My Car Accident Attorney Help Me After An Accident?

In the state of Florida, PIP insurance laws are supposed to make car accidents easier for motorists, right? Not in every case. What St. Petersburg drivers need to keep in mind is that insurance companies are just that – companies. Your insurance provider, while they may promise you the world as you sign your policy, will always look after their bottom line first. In order to do this, they want you to keep paying your premiums while taking the least amount of money as possible out of the pot should you need it.

To protect you from insurance company tactics, a car accident attorney is by your side. Your attorney will ensure that you’ve built the strongest case possible in order to get you the settlement you require to cover your car accident related damages.

What Your Car Accident Attorney Will Do For You

Your car accident attorney will do quite a bit for you to ensure your case is a strong one. First and foremost, your car accident attorney will take care of all car insurance communications for you. While communicating with your car insurance provider may seem like something you can handle, you may not be as prepared for the adjuster’s tactics as you think you are. The claims adjuster will try in the most subtle ways to minimize your accident, and use anything you say against you when you try to file a claim. Your car accident attorney is experienced in communicating with insurance providers, and knows just how to navigate these conversations in a fair and beneficial way.

Your St. Petersburg car accident attorney will also work with you in obtaining all necessary evidence of your damages. If you’ve suffered severe or significant injuries in the accident, this step can be invaluable in ensuring you have all of the evidence required to fully back up your case. Records from medical facilities and healthcare providers, photographs of the accident scene, witness statements, police records, and more will be gathered and kept as evidence of your various damages and the accident that caused them. Not only will your evidence by optimally collected, but it will be done in a timely and efficient fashion.

Creating your list of damages and desired settlement amount is another complicated process, and one your St. Petersburg car accident attorney will have no problem doing. There are many different factors that may contribute to your damages, and your attorney will be able to assess all of them to determine which should be factored into your overall settlement amount. Medical costs, future medical needs, lost work wages, and other damages will be considered thoughtfully and professionally.

Lastly, your St. Petersburg car accident attorney will be able to fight for you through the negotiations process. This process can be lengthy and complex, and insurance companies know they can fight harder and dirtier when they’re dealing with a policyholder instead of their legal representation. Your car accident attorney will take care of the negotiations process and give you your best chance at a higher and more satisfying settlement.

With your St. Petersburg car accident attorney at your side, you’re setting yourself up for a smoother and faster settlement experience. From the initial evidence collection to reaching your final settlement, you’ll be supported each step of the way..