The Biggest Questions After A Workplace Accident

Accidents happen anywhere, at any time as such is their nature. Even at work, you aren’t always safe. Regardless of how safe a business owner says his establishment is, there is still a chance that you could end up getting hurt either because of the negligence of someone in the office, or an issue in one of the facilities.

Let’s get down to business. You’re at work and you got in an accident which resulted in an injury, time off of work, and a hefty medical bill. What’s the next step? As an employee, you could be entitled to some form of compensation from your company. Here are the answers to some questions that’s probably on your mind.

What’s The First Step Should I Take?

Of course, the first step you should take is to get yourself checked out and treated at the nearest hospital. Your health and well-being is the most important part after all. Once done, you should find yourself a personal injury lawyer and consult with him on what actions you should take and whether or not you are a candidate for compensation from your company.

Throughout all of this, it’s important for you to get all of the necessary documents you need. These include your medical bills, and possibly, footage of the accident. The good thing is that your personal injury lawyer will help you out during this phase of the case so you don’t have to worry about it too much.

What Are My Rights As An Employee?

Depending on what country you are in, your rights will vary but there are certain similarities across globally:

● You have the right to be represented by a lawyer.

● You have the right to seek a doctor and ask for medical intervention if you find it necessary.

● You have the right to file for a claim in court for a compensation for an injury or medical condition that you acquired in the workplace.

● You have the right to return immediately to work if you are given the go-signal by your attending physician.

● You have the right to file for some sort of disability compensation for your lost wages if you are unable to work temporarily or permanently because of the injuries.

● You have the right to appeal any decision made by your employer, their insurance representative, and even the court.

It’s imperative that you know what your rights are so that you can seek immediate legal action. Of course, knowing what your rights are is also equivalent to protecting yourself from any unjust or shady actions by your employer or their legal representative. Chances are, your employer will offer some sort of compensation or incentive just to get away from the lawsuit. If this does happen, you also have the right to deny his offer.

What If There’s A Third Party Involved?

Accidents can be caused by almost anything. If it’s a workplace accident caused by a faulty design by the people who built the establishment, then you could file a third party claim on their end. Again, you can be compensated for the injuries if the case succeeds. Do keep in mind that in these cases, these are considered as civil lawsuits.

Should I Take Legal Action?
Depending on the circumstances, you should consider taking legal action immediately. If you aren’t at fault of the injury in anyway, then it is almost a must for you to file for a claim. Do not be afraid of the consequences that follow after making that claim as the settlement you’ll receive after will help you out big time.

Surprisingly, a lot of workers are not comfortable with making a claim after a workplace accident. However, if they seek a personal injury lawyer immediately, they’ll see why it is imperative to take legal action.