The Basics Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits aren’t exactly rare in the St. Petersburg area, but their frequency does nothing to detract from the stressed experienced when a person is facing an injury caused by another party’s negligence. A personal injury case arises when one person suffers an injury, and another party could be legally responsible for the situation that caused harm. For instance, a person with an unkempt property having a visitor slip and fall resulting in injury, or a person with a poorly contained dog having their pet get loose and bite a neighbor.

Personal injury cases are formalized through the civil court system, as one party takes another to court to have them legally recognized as responsible for the accident. While these cases can go to court, they’re most often settled through an informal settlement with the help of your St. Petersburg personal injury attorney.

Formal Lawsuits For Personal Injury Cases

Formal lawsuits for personal injury cases are a lot different than criminal cases initiated by the government or law enforcement. These types of lawsuits are filed when the plaintiff, or injured party, files a civil complaint alongside their St. Petersburg attorney against the party they feel is responsible for their injuries. Typically, these cases are taken to court when a settlement amount cannot be agreed upon in informal settlement proceedings, or if the party deemed negligent doesn’t believe they were so.

If one must file a personal injury lawsuit, it’s imperative they have a skilled personal injury lawyer familiar with St. Petersburg personal injury law on their side. Their lawyer will not only prepare them for their lawsuit and all it will involve, but they will also represent them in court and present their case in such a way that gives them their best chance at a fair settlement amount.

Informal Settlements In Personal Injury Cases

Going to court for a personal injury lawsuit is something that many would like to avoid if at all possible, and this is why most of these cases are settled out of court in informal settlements. These settlements are worked out between the injured party and either the negligent party or an insurance company. In car accident cases, Florida observes no-fault car accident laws, which means injured parties will be negotiating with their own insurance providers for a fair settlement amount.

These settlements go back and forth in negotiations, with one party suggesting one amount and the other party coming back to counter with their own idea of fair compensation. Once a settlement is agreed upon, it will typically come alongside a written statement that the injured party may not pursue a lawsuit, later on, should they accept this compensation amount.

Statute Of Limitations

Injured parties don’t have an unlimited amount of time to pursue a personal injury settlement. All states observe their own statutes of limitations, and those in Florida seeking personal injury compensation have 4 years from the time of the accident to pursue a settlement. If more than 4 years have passed, their lawsuit will not be recognized in court nor negotiations.

Facing a personal injury lawsuit in the state of Florida is made much easier if you have a skilled and experienced St. Petersburg personal injury attorney on your side. By being able to recoup losses after a devastating accident, the recovery process is made much easier and much faster.

If you’ve been in an accident and have suffered any sort of personal injury of any kind, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contacting your St. Petersburg attorney should always be your first step..