The 6 Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

The roads can be a pretty dangerous place. With Florida being a heavily populated state that other receives millions of visitors each year, this only increases the amount of accidents on the road. The most dangerous accidents on the roads are often those involving commercial trucks. Due to their large size and weight, they often do serious damage to both the driver and anyone nearby. Sadly, truck accidents are quite common and fatal.

So why are truck accidents so common? Though it can vary a bit, truck accidents often boil down to 1 or more of these 6 reasons.

  • Inadequate Training Many truck drivers are not properly trained which can hurt their ability to drive safely in several ways. Not everyone will know how to drive such a huge vehicle around. Not being trained in how to safety turn, park, or drive a vehicle of that size is basically an accident waiting to happen. Training also helps drivers know how to properly load and care for their vehicle. Little things like uneven weight inside the truck can easily mess with a driver's ability to keep everything together.

  • Traveling Too Fast It can be tempting to drive a little faster to meet deadlines or even to save some time, but it isn't worth the risks. The trucks are often hard to manage due to their large size as it is. Adding extra speed to the mix is a recipe for disaster and for an accident. Sadly, drivers are often given unrealistic deadlines that are near impossible to meet. This makes speeding more common among truck drivers and thus results in more accidents overall.

  • Driver Fatigue Many drivers have trouble getting the right amount of sleep or easily get drowsy from all the driving. Large amounts of driving can make anyone a little unfocused and tired. However, when your driving something that massive, you really can not afford to drive tired. For others, they may end up sleeping less in order to meet unrealistic deadlines set by their companies.

  • Poor Weather Conditions Just like with any vehicle, weather conditions can make a huge difference in your ability to drive. Rain or snow makes the roads very slippery and can cause the vehicle to slip around dangerously. Even the best truck drivers may not be able to maintain control of their vehicle during these conditions. Visibility is also greatly effected by the weather. This makes their ability to see or notice other vehicles nearly impossible.

  • Equipment Failure From design and manufacturing errors to mechanical issues, there is a lot that can go wrong. Though there are rules and guidelines to avoid these problems, they often go ignored leading to many truck accidents. Certain parts of the truck may not work as well as they should and some parts may be missing altogether. Sadly, this is all too common and is not something a driver can control or manage.

  • Drug Use Commonly the drug use is not illegal, but pills subscribed by their doctor or something that can be obtained at any store. This can be for a variety of medical conditions, but some specifically state that the person should not be driving or handling heavy machinery while using them. Others may be using caffeine pills or other legal drugs in order to stay awake on the road. With truckers commonly being asked to meet unrealistic deadlines, it is sometimes viewed as necessity.

Trucking accidents often lead to severe injuries and major financial problems. If your in the St. Petersburg area and have been a victim of a trucking accident, we can help you get the financial help and assistance you need to recover. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about your options..