Taking Action On A Faulty Product

As consumers who spend our money on goods and services, there’s no doubt that we deserve only the best. However, this isn’t always the case as there are some faulty products that are able to go past quality control. Smart consumers know that letting bygones be bygones in cases like this isn’t smart. Knowing what you deserve after getting a faulty product is the key to becoming a smart consumer.

Consumer rights and laws protect consumers from companies who shell out half-baked products. If you are the victim of such products, you should definitely turn to a lawyer fast as you can so that you get the just compensation that you deserve out of all this. Here’s what you should do in cases like this.

Keep The Receipt And Take Photos Of The Product

Once you get a faulty product, you’ll be able to understand why it is very important to keep your receipts or proof of purchase. This is the primary evidence that you actually bought the product. Without it, retailers can easily claim that you’ve never even bought the product at all.

Aside from the receipt, it’s also important that you keep the product itself. Take photos of it at every corner. If it’s a perishable good, make sure to take a photo of its expiration and manufacturing date as well as this is vital information. For other goods, make sure to take a photo of the actual issue of the product. When you talk to a company representative, make sure to present the proof.

Ask For A Refund

Before you take the retailer to court, you should try reaching out to them first. A lot of retailers are understanding and are willing to give you a refund if you are able to prove that the product is indeed faulty. Of course, not every retailer will do this and when that happens, it’s time to contact a lawyer. Lastly, if you think that their refund procedure is taking a lot longer than you are expecting, go and seek legal help as well.

Keep in mind that when asking for a refund, you can turn to the product’s manufacturer or retailer. The manufacturer is the maker of the product, while the retailer is the one you brought it from. Retailers could be the grocery, the mall, or wherever you got the faulty item from. If neither of them offers a refund, then it’s certainly time to take legal action.

Other Things To Consider

If you get sick or hospitalized after consuming a food product or medicine, then the manufacturer of that consumer goods should be held responsible for what happened. Aside from a settlement, they should also be the ones to shoulder the bills that incur in the hospital, as well as the lost wages from your time off of work.

In cases like this, it’s important you keep not only the product in question, you should also keep all of the medical certificates, lab results, and bills that come from the hospital. These are going to be heavy evidence in your case, and it will increase your chances of winning against the company that manufactured the product.

There are various consumers rights you should know about and these protect you from the consequences of faulty products. Knowing what you deserve is important in making sure that you get your money’s worth. If you are unsure of how a case will pan out, you should feel free to seek legal help from a lawyer.