St. Pete’s Residents – Are You Asking The Right Questions Of Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Your St. Pete personal injury lawyer should leave you feeling confident; like you’re in good hands and you know you’re getting your best chance at the settlement you deserve. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen when an injured party is looking for representation. Perhaps the decision to find the right personal injury lawyer was rushed, or maybe a client didn’t ask the right questions of their personal injury lawyer to be sure they’re going to be the right fit for their case. Whether you’ve been in an auto accident, a slip and fall, a motorcycle accident, or have been injured by a defective product, finding the right lawyer will make all the difference.

A skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer in the St. Petersburg area will welcome questions. Afterall, they want their clients to know that they’re in the best possible hands. If a lawyer refuses to answer or is standoffish about questions being asked by a potential client, this should raise a red flag. A few questions to ask of your personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg to be sure you’re making the best choice are:

What are your fees and how are they taken? – Typically, a personal injury lawyer will work on the basis of contingency fees. This means that the lawyer doesn’t get paid unless you receive monetary damages for your injury. From what you’re awarded, your personal injury lawyer will be paid a percentage which usually stands around 25% to 40%. A personal injury lawyer that has particularly low contingency fees might be representative of a lawyer with less experience, so finding one with fees that are around average is important to finding the best representation for your case.

Have you represented cases like mine before? – This is one of the most important questions clients can ask. If a person is injured in an auto accident caused by a defective vehicle, they want to find a St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer who has experience with such cases. If a person has been in a slip and fall accident, they should want to make sure their chosen personal injury lawyer isn’t one that has only represented auto accident cases. A lawyer with previous success representing cases like yours is a lawyer that is more likely to be successful again.

• How long does it take for cases like mine to be resolved? – When you’ve been injured in a slip and fall or an auto accident, it’s important that you get the settlement you need as quickly as possible. Medical bills will begin piling up, and you may not be bringing in a paycheck if your injury limits your ability to work. A skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg will be able to give you a timeline estimate you can rely on for your case based on their own previous experiences.

• What is my role in getting my case settled? – Whether you’ve been in a first auto accident or you’ve experienced any sort of personal injury case before, no two cases are exactly the same. This means that even those who have gone through the process may not know what exactly is expected of them throughout their case. Your personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg should be able to clearly outline what is expected of you and how you can contribute to your own success.

While these aren’t all of the possible questions you can ask of your personal injury lawyer in the St. Petersburg area, they are a few important topics to touch on. To learn more about finding the best representation for your personal injury case, contact us at TheStPeteLawyer.com today.