Should You Contact A Premises Liability Attorney?

Have you been hurt on someone else's property because of their negligence? For instance, did a friend invite you over for a backyard barbecue and not tell you about their broken front porch steps, causing you to break your leg? What about this? Were you walking along in a supermarket staring intensely at the items on the shelves, only to step in liquid on the floor that should have been cleaned up, slip in the substance, and fall, fracturing your hip in the process?

These are a couple of scenarios that could lead to premises liability cases, but there are many, many more. Some of the common types of lawsuits related to premises liability include but are not limited to...

• Slip And Fall
• Poor Lighting
• Dog Bites/Animal Attacks
• Workers Compensation
• Swimming Pool Accidents

Don't worry if you don't know which type of lawsuit to pursue; that's our job, not yours. Contact our local St. Petersburg firm and schedule your free case review today. That's right; you can discover where your claim stands and how to proceed without breaking the bank. It doesn't get any better than that, or does it? Clients also don't pay unless they win. Then, when compensation is recovered, the costs are deducted from that.

Why Seek Compensation?

If an individual or company's negligence caused your injuries, they need to be held accountable. Doing nothing isn't necessarily the best strategy, as that could leave you paying out of pocket for the damages. You've seen the prices of medications, doctors, and surgeries these days, right? If not, take our word for it; they are typically pretty high. You need to ensure that you have the money to recover. That's reason number one to seek compensation, but there's more.

Winning a lawsuit can help a person get back the wages they lost because of their injuries. Often, people cannot work after getting seriously hurt and do not receive paychecks. If they have savings, they can burn through that in a hurry, and if not, they're left scrambling to come up with funds for bills. So, why seek compensation? To get the wages you lost back and get on your feet again financially, that's why.

What if somebody loses a loved one in, let's say, an accidental drowning. Well, if the person is a blood relative of the deceased and negligence occurred, they might be entitled to compensation. No money could ever make up for their loss, but it can help them with medical bills, funeral expenses, and more. Did you know, according to parting.com, it costs between $7,000 and $10,000 for an average North American traditional funeral.

That's a lot of money, and those are amounts that not everyone has in the bank. Thus, that is why spouses, children, and other similar family members should seek compensation. The settlement will ensure they can afford the final expenses and grant the deceased's last wishes. Let the St. Pete lawyer fight for you, as he has done for so many other accident victims in St. Petersburg. The experience will surpass your expectations, and most importantly, resolve your situation..