Scenarios That Could Leave You Needing Legal Representation

Personal injury law covers a broad range of topics. Auto and trucking accidents land in that category. Premises liability claims do as well. The same goes for wrongful deaths, personal injuries, and motorcycle crashes. As such, people need legal representation for various issues and reasons. This article will focus on several scenarios that could arise in daily life. With any luck, the information will help you understand personal injury law a little better and why you might need a lawyer in dealing with a situation related to it.

When a victim sustains injuries because of someone else's negligence, they are often entitled to fair compensation. Sometimes, plaintiffs pay the sums themselves, but on other occasions, insurance companies cover the settlements. Before any payments are made, the plaintiff must first prove that the property owner was negligent and that the negligence caused their damages. That is not the easiest of tasks for people unfamiliar with Florida's legal system.

Thankfully, Floridians don't have to tackle the matter alone. Instead, they can hire the St. Pete Lawyer to fight on their behalf. Michael Babboni has lived and practiced law in St. Petersburg for more than 27 years. Because each case is unique, compensation amounts vary from one to the next. However, here are some of our firm's past results to give you an idea of the results we can deliver:

• Motorcycle Accident - $6,000,000
• Motor Vehicle Versus Commercial Truck - $4,700,000
• Playground Negligence - $2,000,000
• Wrongful Death Accident - $1,800,000

The remaining sections will focus on some scenarios that can leave people hurt and scared. If they do not take action against the responsible party, plenty of out-of-pocket expenses are sure to come their way. Hence, curious individuals should stay put and read on to learn more.

A Driver Who Is Busy Texting Runs A Red Light

Everybody knows the dangers of texting and driving. Yet, lots of folks still try to read and answer text messages while operating their vehicles. In this scenario, the negligent driver is looking at their phone screen and doesn't see that the street light has turned red. Upon entering the intersection at full speed, they T-bone another car. Afterward, the other vehicle's driver and passengers end up with broken bones and brain injuries. In such a situation, they should contact an accident attorney to ensure that they get the monetary compensation they deserve.

A Slip And Fall Accident Inside A Grocery Store

It is not uncommon for grocery store clerks to clean and mop the floors. There is nothing wrong with that; after all, nobody wants to shop for food in a place that is dirty and grimy. However, in this situation, the employee neglects to put out a wet floor sign. Upon stepping on the slippery surface, a customer falls to the ground, hurting their back and neck. Proving that negligence occurred can be quite the tall order with slip and fall accidents. Therefore, it is best to hire an attorney to get to the bottom of things. They can build strong claims via witness statements, security camera footage, and more.

A Drowsy Tractor-Trailer Operator Side-Swipes A Passenger Vehicle

Truck drivers work for hours on end. Yes, there are laws that only allow them to drive so much in a single day, but some operators are smarter than the average bear. They know ways around regulations and drive as much as they wish. A driver partaking in such fraudulent activity can doze off behind the wheel quickly and side-swipe another car, sending it flying into a concrete barrier. Because of the chaos and blunt force of the impact, the car driver passes away. An accident attorney can help their surviving relatives obtain compensation from the responsible party to take care of the deceased person’s final expenses..