Recovering Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury in St Petersburg

A spinal cord injury following an accident in St Petersburg can be devastating. The spinal cord is part of a network of nerves that transmits messages throughout the body. This network of nerves is responsible for regulating movement, sensation, internal processes, and more. During any accident, the spinal cord is susceptible to damage for a number of different reasons.

Today, we will share how to recover compensation for a spinal cord injury. Due to the extensive nature of this kind of injury and the fact that it can result in permanent and life-altering changes, you want to be sure you have fair compensation.

What Is the Severity of the Injury?

Two factors will determine the severity of a spinal cord injury: the location of the injury and the extent of the damage done to the nerves, roots, fibers, and spinal cord components. When you have a spinal cord injury, it can also be classified as either complete or incomplete.

When you suffer from a complete spinal cord injury, you have little to no control over sensations in your body below the injury site. An incomplete spinal cord injury means some sensation and control may be beneath the injury site.

Determining Damages

Since the overall effects of a spinal cord injury can be vast, determining damages in these cases can prove to be complicated. If an injury is severe, results in permanent disability, or there has been trauma to the spinal cord, it qualifies as a catastrophic injury in Florida.

When there is a catastrophic injury, you can recover damages for the following losses:

• Medical expenses related to emergency treatment, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and more
• Lost wages
• Loss of future income
• The cost of vehicle modifications
• Cost of home healthcare services and related expenses
• Pain and suffering
• Disability
• Loss of consortium and enjoyment of life

Every claim will be different, though, and will be dependent on the severity of the spinal cord injury and the total amount of losses you endure.

For this reason, you want to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. They will work closely with you to determine how the injury affects your life and those of your loved ones who depend on you. An experienced lawyer will help you recover fair compensation while fully investigating the accident that caused the injury.

Building a Spinal Injury Case

When attempting to recover fair compensation following an accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury, you want to be as prepared as possible, especially when it qualifies as catastrophic.

A lawyer will investigate the accident thoroughly to determine what caused the injury. If it was due to a car accident, they will collect as much evidence as possible to prove your claim and build a stronger case.

Next, they will work to determine who is liable for the accident. Based on the evidence gathered at the accident scene, your lawyer will identify all liable parties and investigate to prove negligence.

The lawyer will also work closely with your doctors. They will request your medical records, speak to your medical team, and determine the full extent of your injuries to determine a prognosis. If needed, they will hire additional medical experts to further assess your condition and provide expert testimony for your case.

Finally, the lawyer will file the claim on your behalf against the negligent parties. They will then begin negotiations for a fair settlement on your behalf. If they are unsuccessful in reaching a fair settlement, your lawyer will pursue a lawsuit and take your case to court to fight for what you deserve.

Not only is a personal injury attorney committed to your claim, but they are also invested in your well-being long term..