Reasons To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer After A Trucking Accident

All types of motor vehicle accidents are bad, but perhaps, none are worst than those involving tractor-trailers. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons why such incidents are horrific. For instance, big-rigs are substantially larger than conventional passenger vehicles. Even if the truck doesn't have a trailer attached, its sheer size is enough to intimidate other drivers on the roadways.

However, when a trailer is present, it is often loaded down with various types of products. Some carry fuel or chemicals while others transport groceries or car parts from place to place. Regardless of what kinds of products are back there, the cargo adds a lot of weight to the truck. Thus, if one cannot stop in time, it can cause a vast amount of damage to a car, SUV, or van.

Additionally, the trailers are not always loaded correctly. The freight may be heavier on one side than the other. As such, if the big-rig takes a corner or turn too fast, it could easily flip over and land on top of another vehicle. Of course, many times, driver error is to blame for incidents as well. For example, if an operator is drowsy, he or she could doze off at the wheel. After all, truck drivers spend a lot of time out on the open road. They are supposed to work for a certain amount of hours and then take a break, but sometimes, operators try to squeeze in a little extra driving time.

In other cases, companies might not maintain their fleet of tractor-trailers quite as good as they should. When this happens, brakes could fail, engines might stall, or any number of other things may occur that lead to an accident. In any of these scenarios, the occupants of passenger vehicles are often left with severe injuries such as...

• Loss Of Limbs
• Partial Or Full Paralysis
• Burns
• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Traumatic Brain Injury

Don't Go It Alone Against A Large Logistic Company

Massive transportation organizations usually have lawyers on retainer. What that means is they are standing by just waiting for the chance to discredit a claim. These professionals don't like to play fair either. When they do offer a settlement, it is typically an extremely low-ball amount. Their primary concern is to prevent their clients from paying out a substantial sum, though. Hence, more often than not, the representatives will attempt to twist the truth and make it look like the victim did something wrong.

These actions are not even close to being fair or just, but unfortunately, they happen. Therefore, St. Petersburg residents will find it in their best interests to contact an auto accident attorney after they are involved in a trucking accident. Our firm has the experience and resources to take these types of cases the distance. We have represented many clients in the area with great success over the years, and we will be happy to do the same for you. How can an attorney help?

An auto accident lawyer can assist persons in proving that the other party caused the incident in question, which led to the injuries that the plaintiff sustained. They will collect witness testimonies, black box data, cellular phone records, police reports, and more. These items will allow the legal professional to build the strongest, most persuasive case possible. So, don't delay any longer. Instead, contact our office at 727-381-9200 to schedule your free case evaluation today..