PTSD And Other Mental Side Effects Of An Accident

After an accident, it becomes pretty clear that the human body can be a very fragile thing. While some survive with minor wounds, others are found in critical condition and must fight for their life. It is a terrible experience and some are left with permanent wounds. However, many people are unaware of the mental and emotional damage that occurs after an accident nor how severely it can impact the survivor. In fact, some survivors develop a life-long mental illness after their experience.


How Can An Accident Cause Mental Illness?

Being in a car accident can be quite traumatic for several reasons. The idea that your life was nearly taken from you or that the accident has now permanently disabled you is a lot to handle. Some even find themselves having nightmare or mentally reliving the accident. Those who were driving are often plagued with guilt even when it wasn't there fault.

Though most mental side effects of an accident are temporary, some develop into a full flown mental disorder. It has been reported that a third of accident victims develop a serious mental disorder after an accident.


What Increases The Chances Of Developing A Mental Illness?

Surprisingly, those suffering from major physical injuries are less likely to develop a mental illness than those who obtained little to no injury after an accident. This is because those with more severe injuries often don't recall the accident as clearly and are more focused on trying to recover physically. Though those who sustain permanent or disabling injuries may still develop depression over their new physical or financial situation.

Those with little to minor injuries however, remember the accident much more clearly and are more likely to relive the memories of what happened. The fact that their own injuries are minor may lead to others taking their anxiety less seriously and end up worsening their condition as a result.


What Mental Disorders Are You At Risk At After An Accident?

The most common mental disorder developed after an accident is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Though it is usually seen as a soldier's disorder, it actually happens more frequently to car accident survivors. Anxiety and depression often occurs after an accident as well.

Here is a quick outline of what those disorders may look like.

PTSD – Despite surviving the accident, those with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD are constantly reliving what happened and are unable to move past it. Their mind forces them to believe their lives are still in danger or that it is very likely to happen again. This can result in severe nightmares, panic attacks, and trouble controlling emotions.

Anxiety – Though it does share some similarities with PTSD, those with anxiety are not reliving their trauma as vividly. Anxiety can come in several forms such as phobias, panic attacks, and generalized anxiety. This intense fear causes them to avoid or be greatly distressed by certain things or situations that they relate to the accident. What they associate with the accident may not always be clear such as a certain smell or a specific song on the radio. For others, it can be just avoiding anything they deem dangerous like driving or even leaving the house.

Depression – Unlike PTSD and anxiety disorders, this condition is much less fear based. However, this doesn't make this condition any less severe. Depression can make daily tasks stressful and hard to complete. Those with depression can be easily overwhelmed and feel like a burden to everyone around them. If you were the person driving, your depression can lead you to become deeply guilty over the accident even if it wasn't your fault.


What Mental Illness Could Be Costing You?

Mental illness can make everyday activities challenging and hurt your ability to recover from your accident. Sometimes the mental illness can be so severe that the person can not take care of themselves and may even feel unable to leave the house. This makes going back to work nearly impossible and thus requires you to depend on others. The costs of medication and therapy can also become expensive, especially when your unable to support yourself.

If you live near the St. Petersberg area and were in an accident caused by another person, we can help you get the financial compensation and assistance you need for your physical and mental injuries. Don't hesitate to get the help you need!.