Prepare A Safety Checklist Before Driving Around St. Pete

Car accidents are very common and they could happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Accidents may be unpredictable and there is no way of stopping them if it happens, but that does not mean you could not take measures in trying to prevent them or increase your survivability rate if it does happen to you. Exercise prudence and prepare a checklist to ensure safety on the roads.

The next time you’re about to leave home, go through your checklist first and see to it that everything’s okay.

Your Checklist For Safe Driving

• Check If Your Tires Are In Good Condition - Before hopping in your car, it is crucial for you to see if your tires are in good condition. This means ensuring that they are not flat, overly filled, or worn out. Smooth tires would lack the grip you need to stay on track when driving, and this could cause you to skid and lose control of your vehicle. The same goes for flat and overly filled tires. Many road accidents are caused by busted tires that would suddenly burst in the middle of the highway.

• Check If Your Brakes Are Working - It would never hurt to double-check if your brakes are working. It is better to make sure that they are functioning well than to realize they’re broken while you are on the road. Broken brakes could result in very extreme car collisions because there is no way to stop a speeding car unless it collides with another vehicle or road infrastructure. A quick check should not be taken for granted.

• Make Sure To Wear Your Seatbelt - Seatbelts save lives. Many drivers have formed the bad habit of not wearing a seatbelt, but there are many instances when fatal injuries and even deaths could have been avoided if they were worn during an accident. Adjust your seatbelt until you feel secure and comfortable. This will lessen the impact and prevent you from hitting your head or flying out of your car in case an accident happens.

• Turn Your Phones Off - One of the top reasons behind distracted driving is texting and calling. Exchanging messages with someone else while driving takes the driver’s attention away from the road. Drivers need to be alert and have a quick reaction time. Before you set off, inform anyone who would try to contact you that you will be driving and put your phones on silent mode. This will save you from the temptation of checking your messages and replying back.

• Make Sure You Are Not Tired - If you are due for a long drive, make sure that you get enough rest and sleep the day before. Another common cause of road accidents in St. Petersburg is drivers who would fall asleep at the wheel. Drowsiness and tiredness can affect vision, reaction time, and decision-making. If you suddenly feel tired, don’t hesitate to stop on the side of the road for a few moments until you feel rested enough to continue the drive.