Personal Injury Calculator: How Much Is Your Claim Worth?

It is time to calculate your injury damages if you were recently injured in a St. Petersburg accident. Personal injury lawyers can help you do this and determine the overall value of your personal injury claim. In many cases, it can take just minutes to provide you with an estimate.

The claim process begins with your personal injury attorney reviewing all the details regarding your claim to calculate potential compensation. Since each claim is different and many injury damages prove complex, you want to provide all the details and evidence needed.

Common Personal Injury Claims

Some common personal injury claims include vehicle-related injuries, slip and falls, fatal accidents, and dog bites. You may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered an injury resulting from another’s negligence.

Personal Injury Claim Statistics

According to findings by the US Department of Justice, only approximately 4 percent of personal injury cases actually make it to the courtroom. Most are settled out of court. Only around 16,397 cases are put on trial each year.

Of all personal injury cases reported, motor vehicle accidents top the list with the most injuries sustained. These cases comprise more than half of all personal injury cases yearly. The remaining percentage of personal injury cases include medical malpractice and product liability, and 28% are contributed to other personal injury accidents not in these categories.

What Is the Success Rate of Personal Injury Cases?

The success rate of personal injury cases varies, depending on if they settle or make it to trial. Those involving motor vehicles were found to be the most successful for the plaintiff, with a staggering 61% success rate. Intentional tort trials only saw around a 50% success rate.

Personal Injury Compensation

So, how much can you get for your personal injury claim? The amount awarded varies from case to case. The median value for bodily injury after a collision was around $20,235, as reported by the Insurance Information Institute in 2020. The average property damage claim was only around $4,700.

Factors Affecting Compensation

Since many factors can affect your compensation, it is important to understand each and how they may apply to your specific claim.

• Insurance Coverage: In Florida, you are required to have auto insurance. Insurance companies pay out compensation to victims when it is found that the policyholder is at fault. Since Florida is a no-fault state, each driver carries their own insurance to cover medical bills and car repairs to a certain amount. Florida drivers must also carry PIP and property damage coverage up to $10,000.

• Liability: Larger settlements may be possible when there is a clear offender in a collision. In Florida, you will find pure comparative negligence. This is when a driver is allowed to collect compensation from another driver for their injuries if the other driver was most at fault for the accident.

• Injury Severity: Compensation is also affected by how severe the injuries are. The average compensation for a non-injured car accident victim is almost half that of someone who sustained injuries.

Calculating Compensation

To calculate compensation following personal injury, you must consider all compensable losses, including past and future medical bills, lost income, property losses, and other additional expenses. Additionally, you may also receive compensation for permanent physical effects as well as non-economic damages or punitive damages.

For help calculating compensation for your personal injury claim, consult with an experienced St.Petersburg personal injury attorney. They can help guide you through the process and ensure you receive fair compensation for your damages.