Never Try To Go To Court Alone

If you or someone close to you gets involved in an accident, and it’s clear to everyone that the other person involved in the accident is at fault, some people may see this as a sign that an “easier” alternative is now available. There’s a perception that because proof of fault with the other party is easily obtained and shown, this means that the “smart” thing to do is dispense with the cost of a lawyer entirely and try to go to court without legal representation. The logic seems sound enough on first inspection; lawyers cost money, and if you already have the proof, you’ve won the battle, so why do you need to pay someone else to fight for you in a battle for which victory is assured? This just means you have less money to go around when the lawsuit is settled.

But this kind of thinking makes the dangerous assumption that the only thing you need a personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg for is to make your case in court. While it’s true that a personal injury attorney DOES perform this function, there are many other things the lawyer does that make them invaluable during this period.

Legal Knowledge

Breaking the law is simple. However, resolving a legal dispute is anything but. Laws and legal interpretation can be incredibly complex, and the expertise of someone that has made a profession out of handling legal issues means you save one thing more than anything; time. The amount of time you may have to spend conducting in your own legal studies so that you are capable of representing yourself in a Florida court of law is often worth far less than the expense of having someone on your side who already knows exactly what to do and the most expedient means possible to do it.

In the same way that you could attempt to diagnose your own illness and treat it, or study up on an issue with structural foundations and then try to fix your home’s foundation problem by yourself, it’s certainly possible to do these things. The time required may, however, be far beyond what you are willing to spend in achieving this goal.

Important Contacts

Do you know the insurance people you should contact for the specifics of your accident? Do you know of any companies, consultants or expert individuals that specialize in accident reconstruction in order to better understand the exact nature of a mishap? How long would it take you to track down a specialist in the kind of injuries you’ve sustained to give you an exact diagnosis and an expert testimony in court?

An experienced accident lawyer has the resources to pull all of these skilled experts—and more—into your court case on your behalf to ensure that your case is as solid as they come. Having the proof of the other person’s fault in an accident is important for winning a case. But having the expert medical testimony, the accident reconstruction analysis, and the guidance of insurance companies can give you a much clearer picture of the medical and financial consequences you now face after an accident.

If you want to make your stronger personal injury case even stronger, don’t go it alone. Contact us here at The St. Pete Lawyer and let us help..