Motorcyclists Are Always At Risk In Florida

There’s always some bad that comes with the good, and that’s certainly the case with Florida’s great weather. Because it’s warm in this part of the country throughout the year, it means that motorcyclists don’t have to put their vehicles away for the season when winter arrives, unlike their northern counterparts. But the bad news that comes with that is that motorcyclists are on the road every day, all year round. And that increases their risk of getting into an accident considerably.

When you combine more motorcyclists out on the road on a daily basis with high levels of traffic, you get a recipe for a higher accident rate. When those factors are combined with a massive tourist industry that brings in people from all over the world—including countries where drivers use the opposite lane, and those people take to the streets in car rentals—the rate of risk jumps again.

In fact, while being #1 is often thought of as a good thing, Florida has had the unfortunate “honor” of having been declared one of the most dangerous states in the country for motorcyclists in 2016 and 2017. It’s even more concerning you realize that even though motorcycles only make up about 3% of Florida’s total traffic, they are involved in 20% of the accidents. Why?


A Losing War With Physics


First and foremost, there is the physics aspect of a vehicular accident. In any collision between vehicles, there is a very simple, deadly math at work, and that is that the heavier vehicle will always “win” in a crash. A four wheeled vehicle with specific defensive mechanisms like seat belts, air bags, and even roll cages will always come out of a vehicular confrontation in better shape than a two-wheeled vehicle with a single, unrestrained passenger. Even just casual contact, a typical “fender bender” that would amount to minor damage for a car, may send a motorcyclist flying through the air, or dragged across the asphalt due to getting dislodged from the motorcycle itself.


Many Blind Spots


The other issue is the small, nimble size of a motorcycle. Drivers, when they conduct safety checks such as that brief, second-long glance for blind spots when changing lanes, are keeping an eye out for other vehicles of equivalent size. One of the most commonly cited reasons for drivers getting into accidents with motorcyclists is the driver claiming he or she simply didn’t see the motorcycle was there. Many cases of collision often involve drivers making left turns against traffic and not checking adequately for smaller vehicles like motorcycles.


We Can Help


One of the worst parts about getting into any motorcycle accident, even if it’s not the motorcyclists fault, is the level of injury involved. These accidents are often serious and debilitating, and if you, as a motorcyclist are not at fault, the one who is at fault should be made to answer for what they’ve done. A good motorcycle attorney has the knowledge and experience to get you the compensation and justice you deserve..