Keep Your Children Safe From Harm By Knowing About This Toy Recall

Children born in other generations like the 80's and 90's, likely do not remember ever hearing about recalls in the same way that we do today. However, defective parts, malfunctioning equipment, and even negligent acts by manufacturers have shed light on a growing problem. Cars, foods, and toys are a huge part of our daily lives, and we should not have to cower in fear each time we drive, consume, or play with one of them. Now that the Generation X and Millenials are grown and having children, a new sense of urgency has dawned on them. Their children's safety is a top priority, and they should expect nothing less than a functioning, safe, and fun toy for them to play with, without having to fear an injury occurring.

Stay safe, do research, and make every attempt to keep your little one out of harm's way. After all, people have been saying that they are the future for generations, but it is the truth. If you or your child have become injured from a defective toy, your family may be entitled to compensation to cover expenses from those injuries. Our firm offers free case reviews to help you gain an understanding of what your legal options are, and our office is conveniently located right here on Central Avenue. Don't get stuck holding the bag for medical bills that are the fault of another. Give us a call and allow us to help you through the entire ordeal.

Sold From March 2003 Through April 2017

As you can see, this product has been on the market for quite some time, and these toys could be lurking just about anywhere. Really Good Stuff, has issued recalls for approximately 1.6 million, Write AgainĀ® magnetic dry erase white boards. They were sold through catalogs nationwide, and online as well during this period for between $10 and $47, depending on the set that you purchased. The magnetic surface might become detached from the wooden board, which can result in lacerations and possibly other injuries. The company has received 40 incident reports involving cuts, and they urge consumers to discontinue use immediately to prevent more from happening.

The boards were available in different sizes, and some sold individually, while others sold in packs of six. You can identify the affected units by the label on the back of them. SKU and Lot numbers will include...

  • Lot numbers XXXXXX-0903 through XXXXXX-1115

  • 9" x 12" double sided boards with the SKU number of 152277

  • 9" x 12" dry erase boards with the SKU number of 136110

  • 12" x 18" dry erase boards with the SKU number of 152211

  • 6" x 9" dry erase boards with the SKU number of 301800

Consumers should contact the Really Good Stuff customer service department at 800-801-4046, and reference the recall number of 17-757 to receive the most relevant information about the problem. People can also find more info on the company's web site, under the "Product Safety" tab at the bottom of the page. The remedy is a replacement board, and the matter should be handled quickly to avoid injuries from occurring to your child. Even if you don't have a little one, spread the word about recalls like these, and together we can make our world a little safer for everyone to enjoy.

Just making a comment on social media, adding something to a product review, or talking to friends about the recalls will help. Nobody wants to see another human being become hurt, especially a child, so staying informed, and spreading the news, are essential to providing our children with a safe and friendly environment..