Just When You Start To Think The Fire Hazard Craze Is Over, Another Scooter Recall Happens

Over the past few years, self-balancing scooters became all the rage for people everywhere. Promising futuristic-type gifts sat under Christmas trees and were wrapped up for a birthday surprise. However, after opening and using the products for an extended amount of time, these items began receiving negative publicity due to fire and explosion hazards from the battery packs. News of these events had seemed to have slowed down lately, and then bam, another one is issued and hits you right in the face.

iRover Issues Recall Number 17-193 On July 24, 2017

There is an anticipated 2,800 affected self-balancing scooter/hoverboards involved in this recall. Much like many of the previous recalls, the lithium-ion battery packs may overheat. This occurrence can lead to the unit smoking, catching fire, or even exploding. A person in the vicinity can receive severe injuries, and homes can suffer extensive damage. These events can lead to displaced families and in some cases even a loss of life, which makes alterations to lifestyles a necessity to survive.

The boards sold nationwide at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls stores, and Fallas Stores in Los Angeles for about $300 to $400. This purchase would have taken place somewhere between December 2015 through December 2016, so it could easily be hiding in a closet or garage among other belongings. They have a black and white finish, with the iRover logo printed on the outer shell. The model numbers of affected units are 87645 and 87644, and they can be found, on the bottom of the board.

The company has received two incident reports about overheating and smoking battery packs, but none involving injuries as of yet. They urge consumers to discontinue use of the product immediately and contact the customer service department at 888-348-6434 to get the remedy. Owners will receive instructions on how to return their hoverboard to have a free UL2272-certified replacement installed. Failing to adhere to these warnings could lead to painful burns on the skin, cuts, bruises, or lacerations, and more. Stay safe and spread the news about product recalls, and together we may keep people protected and free of harm.

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