Just How Bad Can A Slip & Fall Get?

Some people may look at the idea of slipping and falling, and recall childhood memories of running around in the yard, tripping, and just getting right back up, dusting off, and continuing to play. To some, the idea of a slip and fall is just like spilling milk; a minor mishap. This kind of thinking usually makes most people believe that anyone that wants to enact a personal injury lawsuit for a slip and fall is usually just an opportunistic schemer that’s doing it for the money.

That, unfortunately, shows an incredible lack of empathy and short-sightedness and we’re going to explain why right now.

Every Circumstance Is Different

While the phrase “slip and fall” may appear pretty straightforward, the actual event is anything but. A whole range of different factors can affect the amount of damage a person receives when a slip and fall occurs. On the one hand, if a child running around in a backyard with grass should stumble and fall, while there may be a few scratches, if that, and the damage is not going to be too serious.

On the other hand, someone walking in a food court of a shopping mall that slips on a spilled drink mess while carrying shopping items and hits the concrete floor is likely to receive far more serious injuries. This is especially true if the items being carried were heavy. There are a few factors that directly impact just how serious a fall can be.


This is probably the biggest determining factor as the specifics of a particular location play the biggest role. A “bouncy castle” in amusement park is very difficult to receive injuries from. Falling from the balcony with a faulty guardrail onto the courtyard below, however, could be fatal. Aspects of the location, such as the materials involved, the distances and heights, and other considerations of simply physics all play a role.


The age of a victim can also play an important role in how serious a slip and fall injury can be. A young man or woman in their 20s, for example, is in the prime of their life, with strong bones and robust health. On the other hand, someone elderly, suffering from arthritis and other conditions such as brittle bones can be seriously injured by even a minor fall if they should land on a delicate part of their body.

Area Of Impact

Finally, where and how a person falls is going to have the biggest impact on what type of injury is sustained. Falling and landing on the head and neck, for example, can cause spinal injuries, or even traumatic brain injuries. Falling on the mouth can lead to lost teeth or even a broken jaw. Even landing on an arm or a leg with enough force or at the wrong angle can cause serious—perhaps even permanent—injury.

Treat It Seriously

A slip and fall injury can be frightening, painful and even crippling depending on the circumstances. Do not dismiss this type of incidence as a plea for attention, exaggeration or an attempt to scheme money, there are very real, very painful consequences for this type of mishap..