Has There Been A Wrongful Death In Your Family Within The Last 2 Years?

After a wrongful death occurs, blood relatives have up to 2 years from the date of death to seek compensation and no more. Hence, if your family member was taken from you by someone's negligence within that time frame, perhaps there has never been a better time than now to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Who can try to get compensation? Spouses, children, parents, adoptive siblings that relied on the deceased, and blood relatives who depended on them, that's who.

Various factors are used to determine how much compensation defendants should receive. They include but are not limited to medical and funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of parental guidance, and loss of spousal or parental companionship. Try to say that three times fast. You will need to be able to prove that someone's negligence or recklessness caused the loved one's death during the legal process, and that isn't always the easiest thing to do.

Therefore, it may be in your best interest to hire a wrongful death attorney in St. Petersburg. They will collect evidence to build a case that supports your position. The professional will also organize and prepare everything for trial. That doesn't necessarily mean your case will have to go that far, though. Many times, these matters are settled out of court at settlement conferences.

Where can you find a stellar wrongful death attorney in St. Petersburg? The answer is at Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez & Walsh, that's where. In St. Pete, Michael Babboni will be representing you. He began practicing law in Florida in 1987. Over time, he has honed his skills to provide you with only the best legal representation. Are you ready to see what the St. Pete Lawyer brings to the table for yourself? If so, contact our office to schedule a free case review today. Now, let's look at some incidents that can make wrongful death lawsuits come to fruition.

A Car Accident With A Driver Texting And Driving

Everybody knows that texting and driving are not good together. Yet, many drivers partake in the activities at the same time. In this scenario, a person is reading and writing messages instead of looking at the road. They don't see a pedestrian walking across the street at a designated crosswalk because they are preoccupied with their cell phone. As a result, the motorist strikes the person, causing them to hit their head on the pavement, and they later succumb to the injury. When a problem like this one occurs, a wrongful death lawsuit is warranted.

A Collision Between A Motorcycle And Eighteen-Wheeler

This time, let's say a tractor-trailer is barreling down the freeway, going way above the posted speed. The operator comes up to a car way too fast and can't stop, so she swerves into the next lane. Unfortunately, that is where a motorcyclist happens to be, and they get struck. They are sent flying from their bike and lose their life instantly. Due to the recklessness of the truck driver, blood relatives may have a strong case if they wish to seek compensation.

A Drunk Driver Kills A Bicyclist

On the final example here, a person goes out on a 24-hour bender. They're driving their car, hopping from club to club and bar to bar. As you can imagine, they are quite buzzed by the time they start heading home just after the sun rises. Meanwhile, a bicyclist leaves their house and begins the same ride they do every day. The person is always careful. They wear bright clothing and obey traffic laws, but none of that matters when the drunk driver nods off to sleep and hits them from behind. Their injuries are too much for them to handle, and they die in the hospital two days later. Wrongful death lawsuits are justified following drunk driving accidents..