Going Back To School Safely

It’s back to school season, and that means that the school busses are out in full force. Paying attention and being alert on the road is the best way to avoid an accident. The huge yellow school busses are usually not hard to miss, but sometimes it is easy to get impatient with them. They are only trying to protect our children, and as drivers on the road, we can help too.

Don’t Drive Around School Busses

Yes, they move really slow. And it can be annoying to get stuck behind one. But please don’t try to drive around or pass a school bus. The law states that you are not allowed to pass a bus when the red and yellow lights are flashing. You never know when I child might step off the bus, and if you zip through the stop sign and the lights, you’ll be putting a child’s life in danger.

Watch For Children At Bus Stops

In the morning, there will be an abundance of kids waiting around on the road for the bus. Be sure to keep your eyes open on your drive. Kids can sometimes play around and fall off curbs, making it hard to predict their movements. Watch carefully for any horseplay and avoid the area. If you have kids, teach them about the importance of not playing around so close to the edge of the road for safety’s sake.

Slow Down In A School Zone

The speed limit is 25 mph in any school zone. Be sure that you are paying attention to the road signs and not speeding by a school. They should be clearly marked with a drop in speed, and sometimes paint on the road. Children are very unpredictable and could dart out across the road at any moment. If you slow down and pay attention to the school zones, you should be ready for anything. We know that it isn’t convenient on your daily commute to slow down for all the school zones, but you could actually save a life.

Following all the school zone and school bus laws will help to keep all the kids in our community safe. If you find yourself involved in an accident this school year, be sure to give our law offices a call. We would be happy to help you get what you deserve to help pay for medical bills, a new car, or whatever you might need to get your life back on track.