Four Important Things Insurance Adjusters Will Never Tell You That You Need To Know

Many of our clients had great relationships with their insurance agents. They’ve gone to them for years and over that time, they’ve built a relationship. Unfortunately, many auto accident victims have to learn the hard way that their insurance company is not on their side. This is especially true when it comes to claims adjusters. Claims adjusters are some of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet. They may even be really good people, but they are only there to protect the insurance companies. To help protect you, here are some of the things insurance adjusters will never tell you.

They Do Not Represent You

It’s hard to believe that claims adjusters do not represent you. They represent the insurance companies. However, when you speak with them, they seem really helpful. They’ll “work with you” and “do their best” to help you get a “fair” claim. However, they have only been trained to seem helpful. In reality, they are being paid to pay you the least possible for your damages. When you peak with them, always keep that in mind. It’s best to keep conversations brief and only stick to the facts. They are known to use your own words against you to get out of paying.

They Know They’ve Lowballed You

One of the most common things that insurance claims adjusters do is lowball you. That is why we always recommend that you never take the first offer. Insurance companies know that most auto accident victims don’t want a protracted legal battle. Their bills are piling up and they just want to get out from under the financial pressure as soon as possible. They use this to their advantage and offer a lowball settlement hoping you are desperate enough that you just accept it. The worst part is insurance adjusters will tell you it’s the best they can offer. Do not believe them.

They’ve Overstated The Urgency Of Settling Your Claim

Not only will insurance adjusters lowball you, but they will also act as if you have to take it or lose it. They act like settling is very urgent and that you will miss out if you don’t settle right away. This is another manipulation tactic. First of all, there is no urgency. That statute of limitations in the state of Florida for filing an auto accident claim alone is four years from the date of the accident. You have time to get the full value of your settlement. Instead, what they are actually doing is upping the pressure and leveraging your fears around financial hardship in order to pay less.

They Have A Legal Option To Review Your Claim In “Good Faith”

One of the worst things that insurance adjusters do is weaponize a victim’s ignorance of the law against them. Our legal system is very complicated, that’s why it is always best to work with a knowledgeable attorney. In our 30+ years of practicing law in the state of Florida, we have seen insurance adjusters straight-up lie to victims about their rights. Oftentimes, what they are doing is illegal, but many people don’t know that. By law, insurance companies have to assess a claim in “Good Faith.” If they are not operating in good faith, they could face serious penalties. An attorney can make sure that they operate in good faith and if they don’t, attorneys will protect you.

It’s hard when accident victims learn that their insurance company is not on their side. However, an auto accident attorney will be 100% on your side. When you work with an attorney, they take care of everything. This includes conversations with insurance adjusters to protect your rights. If you’d like to learn more about how to protect yourself against the insurance companies, contact the St. Pete’s Lawyer Michael Babboni. He will review your case for free and answer any questions you have about your rights. With 30 years of experience protecting accident injury victims, the insurance companies know him by name. They know that they cannot pull their usual dirty tricks with his clients. He’ll stop them right in their tracks and make sure you get the full value of your settlement.