Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle accident trends have been going up and down in Florida since the year 2000. In 2000, motorcycle accident fatalities accounted for just 8% of all traffic fatalities within the state, but just a short 8 years later this number increased to 17.8% By 2010, they dropped again to 14.3%, showing that the rate of motorcycle accident fatalities were slowing, but jumped back up to 2008 levels just a year later on 2011.

Motorcycle riding is a popular and common pastime in Florida, and it’s a well-loved way to get around. The weather, the scenery, and the vacation atmosphere seems to make St. Petersburg and residents all across Florida want to get out and get on their bike. Motorcycle accidents, however, can be devastating, and it’s important for those who do wish to ride their bikes to carry proper insurance coverage and be ready to seek the assistance of a skilled St. Petersburg attorney should they find themselves in even a minor accident.

Florida Motorcycle Accidents And Alcohol

The St. Pete’s region is a hot destination for tourists coming to the Florida area for vacation, and this vacation sort of atmosphere really makes people want to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, part of that process often has to do with alcohol, which should never mix with riding a motorcycle. In 2011, impaired motorcyclists with a blood alcohol content of .08% and up accounted for a whopping 26% of all motorcycle fatalities, while those with a BAC of .01% to .07% accounted for 32%. Having alcohol in one’s blood can increase the likelihood of crashing a motorcycle by around 5 times, and 25% of all alcohol related motorcycle accidents in Florida do not involve other drivers.

When Are Motorcycle Accidents Most Common?

In the state of Florida, we can see some trends when it comes to motorcycle accidents and when they’re occurring. For instance, 28% of all fatal motorcycle accidents in Florida during the year 2011 occurred during the months of March, April, and May, and around 37% of all fatal crashes occurred on the weekend. What can be gleaned by this information? Quite a bit. First and foremost, the time of the year these crashes are most likely to occur are the times that are popular for vacationers, when that party atmosphere begins to return, and on the weekend when riders are more likely to let loose.

Motorcycle Accidents And Hospital Expenses

Getting into a motorcycle accident is not just stressful, it can be quite expensive. While many Florida statistics focus on the worst and zero in on fatal accidents, these actually only account for a small portion of the injury pool. It’s nonfatal injuries that account for 7 times more hospitalizations and over 20 times more emergency room visits when compared to fatal accidents. While this is good news for motorcyclists, it can be difficult on their bank accounts. Nonfatal injuries stemming from motorcycle accidents are often severe, and will take years of continued care to be treated properly. If a motorcyclist has been injured due to another party’s negligence, these are damages that should be recouped through a fair personal injury settlement.

During the year 2011, the median charge for those admitted to Florida hospitals to treat nonfatal motorcycle accident injuries was just around $57,000, and this figure doesn’t count any lasting therapy, rehabilitation, or future treatment need costs that may still exist years down the road.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you will need the assistance of a St. Pete’s personal injury attorney to ensure the settlement you deserve. To learn more about your rights as an injured motorcyclist, contact us at TheStPeteLawyer.com today.